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Free Gallery Glass Pattern - Best Mom

Download this pattern and easily resize to fit your project with the below instructions. Then trace your design and add color to create the look of real stained glass.



  • Clean surface with window cleaner.
  • Work on a flat surface protected with newspaper. Tape pattern to backside of surface.
  • For ease, cut to separate patterns from the large pattern sheet.
  • Tape desired pattern to backside of project surface.
  • Two simple steps: Outline and Fill
NOTE: The colors on the pattern sheet correspond to the colors recommended for these projects. These are just recommendations and any colors from the Gallery Glass line can be used.



  • Apply Liquid Lead from the center of the design working outwards, until all pattern lines
    have been leaded; if necessary, turn the project as needed.
  • While keeping the nozzle tip one inch above the project surface, apply even pressure to
    create a uniform line of Liquid Leading. Allow the Liquid Leading line to drape onto the
    pattern line.
  • Continue until all elements of the design have been outlined.
  • Leading must dry for 8 hours before painting. Do not dry in an oven or microwave.



  • Squeeze Gallery Glass paint bottle to begin applying paint on the leaded design. First apply
    the paint to the perimeter of a leaded design section, then fill in.
  • Add a generous amount of paint equal to the leading line level. Be sure to apply the paint onto
    the leading, using it as a bumper. Failure to do so will create light holes. NOTE: paint applied
    on the leading will not show when the project is cured.
  • To remove bubbles:
    • Combing: use the pointed end of a nutpick to "comb"
      back and forth quickly in straight lines through the
      paint to smooth the texture and pop any bubbles. Clean
      nutpick when changing colors.
    • Tapping: Lift and hold the project surface firmly in one
      hand and then tap directly under the combed section
      with the flat end of the nutpick.
  • Window Color dries transparent in 24 hours and cures in 72 hours.
  • Drying time may vary due to humidity, temperature and thickness of application.



  • If you spill paint on clothing, wash immediately with soap and water.
  • Let project cure at least one week before cleaning.
  • Spray a very light mist of water on a soft cloth and wipe the surface gently to remove dust.



  • Uneven lead lines indicate inconsistent speed when moving your arm.
  • Bumps at the beginning or end of a line indicate too much pressure.
  • Leading can be removed once dry and leading blank can be used again.
  • Once dry, Liquid Leading errors can easily be removed. Use a razor blade or craft knife
    to score unwanted sections, peel off and reapply.



  1. New colors may be created by inter-mixing any paint colors.
  2. Colors may be lightened by adding Crystal Clear.
  3. Specialty pigments can be used alone or mixed with Gallery Glass colors.
  4. Crystal Clear can be used to go around the outside of the design to finish off the project.
  5. Apply crystal clear with a "swirl" motion to give it texture.



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