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Fabric Creations & Leather Studio Product Catalog

Fabric Creations features premium paint formulas and high quality accessories that make it easier than ever to add custom embellishments that reflect your personal style. Add fashion flair to t-shirts, jeans, tote bags, canvas shoes and more! Mix and match paints, tools, and stencils to create one-of-a-kind motifs, details, and patterns. 

Leather Studio offers a suite of products that let you turn back the clock on some of your favorite leather accessories and decor pieces. Recycle, reuse, and reinvigorate your favorite leather or vinyl accessories with unique paint formulas that won’t crack or peel. With these durable paints that dry to a gorgeous satin finish, you can confidently decorate any leather or vinyl surface -including shoes, belts and bags - and demonstrate your knack for all things creative!

Download fabric-creations-leather-studio-product-catalog.pdf