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PlaidFX May 2021 - Mod Podge Resin

PlaidFX May 2021 - Mod Podge Resin

In 2021, the PlaidFX team is excited to bring you a year filled with new techniques, inspiration, and a variety of fun how-tos. Make sure to tune in each month as we dive deep into a specific cosplay technique that is sure to be a help to you when you are building. All month long we will be going live on Facebook, providing project tutorials, and bringing in new areas of fandom to the PlaidFX community.  

May is National Mod Podge! Celebrate with us all month long!

In May we are focusing on our NEW Mod Podge Resin and PlaidFX! We know you are going to love what we have in store. 

To create some uniquely detailed and colorful builds you'll need some durable acrylic paint made by cosplayers, for cosplayers! Don't forget to pick up PlaidFX Flexible Acrylic Paint for all your fandom creations. We've got a color and a finish for every prop and costume. Click below to learn more!


What is Mod Podge Resin? 

Mod Podge Resin is a fun way to create beautiful resin projects. With the clear hardener and resin formulas, you can create custom pieces with a unique touch. Simply mix an equal 1:1 ratio of each formula to make your projects come to life. Mod Podge Resin has a clear, glossy finish that is food safe and has low VOCs.

Add embellishments to create one-of-a-kind resin pieces. Use Mod Podge Alcohol Inks for adding color to any of your resin projects. Each color is super-saturated for rich, vibrant hues. Give your projects a solid foundation with a variety of molds, wooden surfaces, and kits. And make sure to check out all our online education to learn more about how to use resin, techniques, project inspiration, and safety precautions.

Mod Podge Resin is your go-to headquarters for all things resin. What will you create with the limitless possibilities of Mod Podge Resin?

Please make sure to ALWAYS follow all safety guidelines on the packaging of Mod Podge Resin.

For safety information and general resin instructions, visit

Download our quick info sheet with the basic process of using resin, tips & tricks, safety information, and more now to keep by your side as you craft. 

To learn more about Mod Podge Resin what this informational intro video. 

Here are some common and very important FAQs about working with Mod Podge Resin. We highly suggest watching this before getting started. 


We will be doing two awesome Craft Breaks with Mod Podge Resin that will make you want to grab some Mod Podge Resin and start crafting!

Our first Craft Break was on May the 4th and we created some fun crafts for Star Wars day. Click below to see what we made. Watch now!

In the second Craft Break in May, we will be showing you how to create custom jewelry for your next cosplay build.

Stay tuned!! Check back here after the Craft Breaks are over to view each video in this blog. 



Mod Podge Resin works great with any silicone mold you may have. It can be colored using Mod Podge Alcohol inks. Make sure to be on the lookout for the video where we show you how to add color to your resin using Mod Podge Alcohol Ink and how to paint the numbers with PlaidFX acrylic paints. Since the numbers on the dice are recessed, simply cover the entire surface with PlaidFX and use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol to remove the paint that is on the raised areas. You are left with a perfectly crisp painted number every time. Stay tuned for more details!


You can embed almost anything in Mod Podge Resin. Stay tuned for the video where we show you how to add Pokémon cards to our coaster molds and then how to add coordinating-colored glitters to the Mod Podge Resin. This is an easy, personalized craft that makes a great addition to any collection!


  • PlaidFX acrylic paints can be used to color Mod Podge Resin! Simply add a drop of paint to your resin after the two parts have been mixed. It is important to note that whenever you are using an additive such as paint, you never want the additive to be more than 5% of your total resin mixture. This could affect the way the resin cures.
  • When using Mod Podge Resin in silicone a mold, it is important to note whether you are using a “shiny” mold or a “matte” mold. This will determine the finish of your final resin piece. If you accidentally use a matte mold but you want your final piece to have a glossy finish, it is easy to correct it by adding a thin coat of Mod Podge Resin after the original shape is cured. You can see how we did this in our PlaidFX Resin Gem video!


Again this month we have the very talented Elizabeth Beckley doing a fun tabletop project! She is an awardwinning miniature painter and teacher. She has been working professionally in the hobby for almost ten years as a freelance studio artist for such companies as Panda Cult Games, Kingdom Death and CMON. Elizabeth has worked on many projects, including officially licensed properties from Marvel, Sony and Disney. She is one of the teachers from Miniature Monthly, a successful Patreon that offers a wide range of tutorials on painting and sculpting. Elizabeth enjoys traveling around the world to teach and attend conventions.

Make sure to check her out on social media:

This month learn how Elizabeth paints this awesome ice dragon miniature. Watch to see how she creates this stunning mythical creature!


In June we will be showing you how to create unique natural elements using PlaidFX! 

Happy Crafting!
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