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Mandalas - Dot Painting Fun!

Mandalas - Dot Painting Fun!

Who knew that tiny little dots could make such beautiful art? The latest trend of mandala or dot painting has swept the crafting community and prompted crafter everywhere to dot on a variety of surfaces. This unique style of painting takes time and patience as you apply each individual dot. In the end, all those tiny, simple dots come together to create something beautiful and complex that is perfect for any skill level.

Check out some of the mandala art we've created below!

If you are loving this new trend, make sure to check out our dot painting class in Michaels Community Classroom below. 

Add mandala art to your fall pumpkins with this simple craft idea! Decorating pumpkins is a fun way to add character and uniqueness to your fall decor. 

Enhance your dining room by adding mandala art to your dining table chairs! Check out how our expert craft, Sherrie, gave this chair a makeover.

Pick up a stylus and your FolkArt paints to create a simple mandala pattern on your favorite surfaces!

Go for a darker vibe with this beautiful mandala pattern on our wooden canvas.

Who says you have to keep your art indoors? Take dot painting outside to give your potted plants a little color. 


Who says you have to create your mandala art from scratch? Take a painting and enhance it with dots!

If you are wondering how big the mandala trend is, check out some of these AMAZING mandala projects from some of our followers - All painted with Plaid products! We love seeing projects from our followers!
@artsanddots on Instagram

@artsanddots on Instagram

@staciesplace on Instagram

@stop_rock_and_roll on Instagram

Share your mandala art with us using #PlaidCrafts!

Happy Crafting!
Posted: 8/20/2020 7:55:54 AM by Brittni Swanson | with 0 comments

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