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Get Creative with Gallery Glass!

Get Creative with Gallery Glass!

Gallery Glass is one of Plaid's most unique products. If you love beautiful stained glass, then Gallery Glass is the product for you! While real stained glass can be rather expensive, Gallery Glass is the affordable solution to beautiful stained glass effects. Here is a quick summary of how Gallery Glass works.

1) Apply your Liquid Leading to your glass surface and trace your pattern. Let completely dry (24 hours depending on the thickness).

2) Then fill in your design with your favorite Gallery Glass colors. Let dry completely.

3) And ta-da! You've got a beautiful stained glass design. Plus, you can remove and restick your design to other glass pieces.
*Please note: not meant for glassware that is going in the dishwasher. Gallery Glass is for decorative use ONLY!

Now that you know a little bit about how Gallery Glass works, we are excited to share some fun summertime Gallery Glass creations with you! Check out some of these unique techniques for crafting with Gallery Glass and how you can make your space fun with these handmade projects. 

Click on the tag in the bottom left-hand corner of each photo to check out our supply list and instructions.

Who knew you could make a Shibori design with Gallery Glass?! Check out our video below to learn how we did these unique patterns and designs.

Turn a glass box into a beautiful marbleized piece with this unique Gallery Glass technique. 

Make a decorative centerpiece with this painted marbleized ball idea.

Give a decorative bowl a little extra flair with this scalloped design.  

Create a beautiful mobile with an ombre effect using your favorite Gallery Glass colors. 

Don't have a green thumb? Create faux greenery with this beautiful faux succulent Gallery Glass craft. 

Take the backing off of a frame and add a little decorative flair with this simple decor idea.


Make this colorful tie-dye pattern easily with this simple project idea. 

Let the kids try their hands at crafting with Gallery Glass by creating these fun summertime clings. 

Turn a basic vase into something that looks like it came straight out of a magazine. 

Do you absolutely LOVE Gallery Glass? Join the Gorgeous Gallery Glass Facebook group!

How do you craft with Gallery Glass?

Happy Crafting!
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