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FolkArt Drizzle Influencer Challenge

FolkArt Drizzle Influencer Challenge

Let Creativity Flow!

Let color flow with the limitless possibilities of FolkArt Drizzle Premium Pre-Mixed Fluid Pouring Acrylic Paint. This high-flow acrylic pouring paint is the perfect way to express yourself through colorful fluid art! These rich, vibrant hues have an easy-flow viscosity to easily glide your colors across your surface. This glossy pouring paint line includes a variety of specialty formulas like metallic and glitter as well as paint sets. Pair with the Drizzle tools to explore the pour! 

FolkArt Drizzle is all about self expression and creativity! Free your mind, free your color! Express yourself through loose and colorful art with these ready-to-pour colors. Some of our favorite paint pouring influencers embody this thinking and are all about using their art to express their imagination and passion. 

So we asked some of our paint pouring influencers to create some unique projects using FolkArt Drizzle. We wanted to see what fluid art projects they could create with their own unique style. Even though they each got the same colors, each person created something special to them with a variety of different techniques. Be inspired by the creativity of our influencers with their colorful projects below. 

Unique Pouring Paint

Before jumping into the influencer's projects, learn a little more about FolkArt Drizzle. 

Want to learn more about Drizzle? Check out this video for a deep dive into this free flowing acrylic paint. 

Use the Drizzle Tools to create some fun and loose fluid art!

Watch our entire Drizzle library of videos to help you get started with this colorful line of pouring paints. 

Make sure to download our Drizzle 101 guide to help get you started on your paint pouring journey. 

Shop Drizzle NOW!

Projects from our Influencers

Emily Penn-Wolfe of FluidArtistEm

I started painting in December 2019 and discovered fluid art, which quickly became an obsession. I've always loved color but had limited ways to express that passion until now.

My work is inspired by color palettes and techniques that evoke moods like energy, serenity, passion and whimsy. Most of all I strive to create something that looks beautiful.

Check out the FluidArtistEm on Instagram.
Check out Emily's website:

Photo & bio credit:





Shaylen of sabartstudio

Shaylen is an artist living and working in Denver CO. Her artistic ambition began long before college. 

In March 2014, Shaylen began her career as a visual artist. Her work is included in private collections all over the world including Germany, Australia, Spain, London, Canada, and Mexico. In addition, Shaylen has worked with several nonprofits, leading community art projects such as large-scale interior and exterior murals and after-school art programs.

In recent works, Shaylen has begun exploring new mediums, including the use of natural water sources to accomplish fluidity in her compositions. Her work is highly experimental and remains in a constant state of change. Through abstract expression, she works to connect with the flow of life; delving deep into black bottom oceans; ascending curiously towards infinite stars, and ultimately discovering the divinity within ourselves. Her art is simply the all-encompassing Mother Nature, emerging through her fingertips.

Check out the sabartstudio on Instagram.
Check out Shaylen's website:

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Nikki of Bespattered Facade

Well hello there!

I’m Nikki, lovely to “meet” you. My unpaid photographer and I live in the wilderness just outside of Charleston, SC with our spoiled dog children. I make all kinds of goodies myself, in my home studio.

Check out the Bespattered Facade on Instagram.
Check our Nikki's website:

Photo & bio credit:



Kotah of pourmyartoutstudio

Hey! I’m Kotah I dream to make life a brighter place and to show people the beauty in the simplicity of things. 

Check out the pourmyartoutstudio on Instagram.
Check out Dakotah's website:

Photo & bio credit:


A post shared by Kotah (@pourmyartoutstudio)



A post shared by Kotah (@pourmyartoutstudio)

What will you create with FolkArt Drizzle? Share your paint pouring creations with us using #PlaidCrafts!

Happy Crafting!
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