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5 Photo Transfer Tips

5 Photo Transfer Tips


Are you going to take on your first Mod Podge Photo Transfer project? First, take a look at how to use Mod Podge Photo Transfer how-to article to make sure you have everything you need. While photo transfer projects can look overwhelming, we have a few tips to make sure your project turns out great! Here are 5 tips from our craft experts!

5 Tips for Successful Mod Podge Photo Transfer Projects 

  1. Use regular copy paper - Regular copy paper gives you the best results. Thicker paper is much harder to remove during the photo transfer process. We, also, don’t recommend using photo paper or actual photos.
  2. Prep the paper for removal - Wet the paper and let the water seep into the paper. Let it sit for 2 minutes before removing the paper
  3. Removing the paper - The best way to remove the paper is in slow circular motions using a sponge or fingertips. It may take multiple times to remove the paper Best surfaces to photo transfer on for a beginner - Best surfaces for a beginner are a rigid surface such as wood or canvas.
  4. Best Photo type - Dry toner image. Most important use a dry toner image (color or black & white).
  5. Reverse the image - If you have an image with words, reverse the image on your computer or on the copier so the words will show correctly on your finished piece
Watch the Cathie & Steve Video for more tips and a demo on how to photo transfer on fabric. 

Posted: 3/21/2019 7:47:32 AM by Tim Goleman | with 0 comments

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