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Introducing FolkArt Drizzle!

Introducing FolkArt Drizzle!

What is FolkArt Drizzle?

We are excited to introduce FolkArt Drizzle, exclusively sold at Michaels! Let your creativity flow!

There are no limits to what you can create with FolkArt Drizzle Premium Pre-Mixed Fluid Pouring Acrylic Paint. This pre-mixed, high-flow paint is a gloss acrylic pouring paint that can be easily applied to a variety of surfaces. This unique formula allows colors to stay separated and reduces over blending leading to muddy colors. Express yourself through loose and colorful art with these ready-to-pour colors! Great for all fluid art techniques. This water-based, non-toxic formula is great for indoor and outdoor projects and requires minimal surface prep. Apply this fluid paint directly onto a clean dry surface with a variety of techniques.


Check out our entire playlist of FolkArt Drizzle video library with tons of inspiration and techniques!

Each vibrant color dries with a high-gloss finish and is the perfect way to express yourself. FolkArt Drizzle includes a variety of specialty formulas such as metallic, iridescent, and glitter. Use a variety of Drizzle tools to spin, drip, or pour your colors to create fun effects in your paint. Explore the Pour with FolkArt Drizzle!


Check out all the vibrant colors!



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Download our Drizzle 101 guide to help get you started with this unique fluid art paint!

Tips & Tricks For Using Drizzle

As you begin your Drizzle journey, here are some things to remember as well as helpful tips and tricks to get you started. Fluid Art is all about having fun, so the more comfortable you are the more creative you’ll be!

  • Make sure to prep your painting space by covering your table and surrounding work area with kraft paper. Keep paper towels and baby wipes on hand. Clean up is easy with this fluid paint, simply clean up with soap and water

  • Depending on your project, we recommend to letting your project dry for several days

  • Loosely paint the sides and outer edge of your canvas to keep bare spots from showing through your pour

  • Start out with a palette consisting of cool or warm tones with white for a reliable color combination

  • Convenient flip top cap. Use the paint right out of the bottle for a straight/clean pour

  • Place push pins under each corner of your canvas to keep it elevated off of work surface & out of excess paint

  • Pour on a reusable non-stick baking pan. After your pour, simply peel up and discard remaining paint

  • Use silicone cups for dirty pours, less waste

  • No need to seal or add a varnish, Drizzle dries to a glossy finish

  • Use tools in the Drizzle line to jumpstart design creation

  • Clean tools right after use with warm soapy water

  • Clean tight corners of tools using a bottle, straw, or brush

  • Use a butane torch about 4 inches above the canvas to get rid of any air bubbles

  • Experiment with color palettes by mixing specialty formulas to create unique fluid art

  • Fluid art is messy! Cover your entire workspace and anything you don't want covered in paint

  • Do not shake bottles before pouring. This can create bubbles in Drizzle paint. Instead roll on a table or flat surface if any paint settling or separation occurs

  • Allow your pours to dry thoroughly before displaying/hanging

  • If you don't like your pour, feel free to pour another design right over it

  • The Drizzle paint spinner can be used for traditional spin art, but it also works great as a general workstation

Time to get your pour on!

Are you excited about Drizzle? Let your creativity flow with vibrant, glossy colors! With all these colors, tools, and how-to resources, you are sure to be a Drizzle boss by the time you are done painting. We can't wait to see what you make with FolkArt Drizzle!

Happy Crafting!

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