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PlaidFX Summer 2021 Build - Wood Nymph

PlaidFX Summer 2021 Build - Wood Nymph

In the summer of 2021, we are going big! We are going to spend this summer building an extraordinary cosplay build and YOU get a front-row seat to see it all take shape. In the months of June, July, and August we are going to be continually updating this blog post with the progress of our build. Then at the end of the summer, we will debut the entire build to the cosplay community. So stay tuned and get hyped for a summer full of tips, tricks, and creativity! This is the summer of nature elements. Make sure to tune in each month as we dive deep into a specific cosplay technique that is sure to be a help to you when you are building. All summer long we will be going live on Facebook, providing project tutorials, and bringing in new areas of fandom to the PlaidFX community.  

In June, July, and August we are diving into everything nature. Our cosplay build for summer 2021 is a wood nymph. We are excited to teach you how to create realistic wood grain texture, moss, vines, flowers, and so much more! This summer you will also learn the fundamentals of color theory to give your build a realistic touch. 

Are you excited about our summer build? We are! And we are so excited for you to take this journey with us as we create. And if you decide to create along with us, make sure to share your creations with us using #PlaidFX. You could be featured on our social media channels. 

To begin, you are going to need some durable paints as a solid base for your builds. PlaidFX is a paint line specially designed for cosplay and costuming. The Smooth Satin colors will glide on effortlessly for a high-quality finish each time you paint. This fully flexible and durable acrylic paint for cosplay is ideal for EVA foam, thermoplastic, 3D prints and more. Enjoy the creamy, full-bodied consistency of this fandom-inspired color palette. With every stroke, there is superior coverage and high pigmentation. When dry, this innovative paint is not tacky and will not crack or peel.

Check out this awesome introduction to PlaidFX Flexible Acrylic Paint and how you can use it in your builds!


Over the course of the summer, we will be doing several Craft Breaks to show you the progression of this cosplay build. Make sure you are following PlaidFX on Facebook so you will be notified when we go live. 

Our Craft Break in June will cover the basics of color theory. Jessie will be discussing the color wheel, types of colors, basic color theory terms, and how to mix paint to adjust hues and temperatures. All of these painting basics will be used for creating realistic wood, moss, and vines for our build. 

All Craft Breaks will be featured in this blog for your reference after the Craft Break livestream is over.
Check back to this blog in the month of June, July, and August to see what other great tips and tricks we will be discussing in our Craft Breaks. 


Throughout the summer we will be providing you with several awesome tutorials and informative techniques involving nature using PlaidFX Flexible Acrylic Paint.  

We have some awesome tips and tricks to share with you on everything from shading to highlighting to create every element of our build this summer. You will want to follow PlaidFX on TikTok to stay up to date with each part of the build. Then at the end of the summer stay tuned to see how all these tutorials come together to create a unique and fun cosplay build you'll be proud to wear around any con.  

Click on each project photo below for full instructions. 

Realistic Vines

Stay tuned to TikTok later in the month for the full video instructions to see how we make all this realistic components of the wood nymph build. 

In reference to the project above, here are some things to remember:
  • When creating texture using a rotary tool, remember to wear appropriate safety equipment including goggles and a dust mask.
  • Make sure to have a shop vac or home vacuum close by for easy clean up of the EVA foam dust.
  • When using a rotary tool, glide the bit away from you if you are right-handed and toward you if you are left-handed.
  • Start slow and gradually increase speed once you are comfortable with the tool.
  • Holding the rotary tool at an angle will help create varying grooves in your foam.
  • Heat seal the EVA foam dowels after shaping to close the foams pores and reduce fuzz. Heat sealing your foam helps prep the material for paint.
  • Using PlaidFX Clear Primer will smooth out the EVA foam texture to create a more organic surface.
  • Start by applying a dark base color.
  • Dry brush a mid-tone color around the high peaks created with the rotary tool.
  • Add lighter colors in some areas for highlights.
  • To attach vines to your cosplay or prop we recommend using super glue on the back.
  • These vines are perfect to embellish with leaves and flowers.

We will be showing you how to create a realistic wood grain texture. Emily will be discussing tips and tricks for dry brushing, how to use Foam Clay, and so much more. If you are new to adding texture to your cosplay builds, this a great tutorial for learning the basics. Make sure to check out the PlaidFX TikTok to see full video instructions later this month. We are also super excited to elaborate on this wood grain technique and embellish it with moss details. With these easy-to-follow instructions you can turn faux moss into realistic forest greenery.

Wood Grain

In reference to the project above, here are some things to remember when creating a wood grain texture.
  • When working with silicone molds it is important to apply a releasing agent to prevent Foam Clay from adhering.
  • We recommend applying two thin layers of the releasing agent and allowing 15 minutes drying time in between.
  • Always remember to wear proper safety gear when working with these materials and spray in a well-ventilated area.
  • Once releasing agent has cured apply a thin layer of Foam Clay pressing in firmly.
  • Try to keep Foam Clay level at the top of the mold to allow easy application later.
  • Place mold in freezer for 30 minutes to allow to harden.
  • After 30 minutes the Foam Clay can be released from the mold easily.
  • You can directly place Foam Clay onto EVA foam using water or wait 48 hours for the Foam Clay to cure and adhere with contact cement.
  • Once cured the Foam Clay is ready to be primed and painted.
  • After curing, Foam Clay can become brittle and is not flexible.
  • For durability, we recommend adding Super Glue around the edges to prevent Foam Clay from cracking.
  • We also recommend adding 3-4 layers of PlaidFX Clear Primer to give some flex back to the Foam Clay and prep the surface for paint.
  • For this demo we show how to add a dark base and dry brush on lighter shades to create depth.
  • The Foam Clay's texture helps add depth to this paint job and is super easy to achieve.
  • Adding Mod Podge Ultra in Matte will transform the Smooth Satin finish to appear more realistic.
Tips & tricks for creating faux moss:
  • Peel n’ stick moss is a great base to work with for this technique.
  • This type of moss embellishment can be easy to apply on top of wood grain details.
  • Though it has a sticky back, some moss still falls off when taken out of the packaging. To help prevent this from occurring, we recommend applying multiple thin layers of Mod Podge Ultra.
  • To add realism to the moss, we recommend adding multiple shades of PlaidFX Smooth Satin.
  • Using a texture brush is perfect for this application.
  • Start with darker tones and gradually add lighter shades to create depth.
  • This helps achieve shading and highlights.
  • Repeat steps as desired to customize your project.
  • Cut out moss using scissors and peel off back adhesive to attach on to your project.
  • To help hide the harsh line of the moss, dab on paint around edges to blend.
  • Apply Mod Podge Ultra in Matte to add a realistic finish and seal your project.

Don't forget we will be adding to this blog all summer long with a variety of tips, tricks, and how-tos to show the progress of our wood nymph build. Are you as excited as we are? Share your love creations and love for PlaidFX by using the #PlaidFX! You could be featured on our social media channels. 

Happy Crafting!
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