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Mod Podge DIY Jewelry Project Idea

By: Sherrie Ragsdale

Making paper beads is a unique and interesting way to personalize your style or give as gifts to family and friends.

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At a Glance:

Project #14822 Skill Level: Intermediate Time:
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This project features these great brands:

  • Mod Podge Decoupage Finishes and Formulas Logo
  • Mod Podge Tools and Accessories  Logo

Mod Podge ® Matte, 8 oz. - CS11301

Number Needed: 1 $7.49
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

Other Supplies

  • Earth Multi 5mm - 240 Pieces Round Wood Beads
  • 6mm x 7mm Round Turquoise Textured Wood Beads
  • 2mm x 4mm Round Dark Brown Wood Beads
  • 6mm x 9mm Round Turquoise Wood Beads
  • 3" Antique brass head pins
  • 6mm Antique brass jump rings
  • 15 ½" Brass ox neck ring
  • 18mm Antique brass flat fish hook ear wires
  • White 1mm - 10-Yards Elastic Bead Cord
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors
  • Round toothpick
  • Silicone mat


Free Printable Papers


Making the Beads 

  1. Cut out paper shapes slightly inside the template lines.
  2. For all beads use the toothpick to begin rolling the papers.  
  3. Add Mod Podge as you begin to roll the paper. Continue adding the Mod Podge all way to the end of the papers. Add a topcoat to the beads.
  4. You can make a larger oval shaped bead by making a larger triangle. I made an extra oval shaped bead the same length as the cone shape. 


  1. Make four long beads, fourteen round beads, two cone beads and six oval beads.
  2. Add the beads to the head pins as shown in photo. Leave a ½” on the end and cut off any excess. Use the pliers to roll up the end of the pen head to make a loop. You may want to reshape a little with the pliers to make the loop round.
  3. Unscrew the ball off the end of the neck ring and begin add beads as shown in photo. Add the dangling beads in the center and then continue until the necklace is complete.


  1. Make two short beads and four round beads. Follow the steps in step 2 for the necklace.
  2. Add the jump rings to the flat fish hook ear wires and then the dangling beads to the same jump rings. 


  1. Make one long bead, four round beads, two cones and two oval beads.
  2. String the beads onto the elastic cord as shown in photo. I used the one larger bead to cover the knot tied.

Get the Pattern

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