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Planters and Painted Rocks with FolkArt Dots

This project features these great brands:

  • FolkArt Acrylic Paint Logo

At a Glance:

Project #16689 Skill Level: Beginner

Plaid Supplies

FolkArt ® Dots™ Acrylic Dotting Paint Set, 6 pc. - 49904

Number Needed: 1 $19.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

FolkArt ® Acrylic Colors - Pure Black, 2 oz. - 479

Number Needed: 1 $1.69
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

Other Supplies

  • Garden Rocks
  • Terra Cotta Planters
  • Paper Towels
  • Hair Dryer
  • Silver Sharpie
  • (Optional) Sewing Needle
  • (Optional) Baby Wipes
  • (Optional) Q-tips


1. Start off by cleaning your rocks and terra cotta planters from any debris.

2. Basecoat your rocks using FolkArt Matte in Pure Black. You do not need to basecoat the planters.

3. Pre-draw dot placement onto your rocks and planters with a silver sharpie or chalk.

4. Apply slight pressure with fingers onto the sides of the bottle start painting on the pre patterned dots using the script tip.

5. Once the majority of the dot is filled, stop applying pressure on the bottle and gently move the paint around to fill up to the edges of the dots. This works best for larger sections.

6. For smaller dots, simply tap the paint onto the part you want painted.

7. It is good practice to prime your paint bottle by sqirting out a little bit of paint onto a paper towel before applying to surface.

8. If you have any bubbles, you can use a sewing needle to pop while the paint is still wet.

9. Complete pattern by alternating different colors from the FolkArt Dots kit and have fun.

10. If you would like to add additional layers onto the first layer of dots, allow to fully dry and repeat above steps.

11. Finish by placing your painted rocks and planters outside to brighten up a garden area or gift to a friend.


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