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DIY Decoupage on Glass -- YES, It

DIY Decoupage on Glass -- YES, It's That EASY!!

Ever wished you could decoupage on glassware and your project be permanent?  Me too!

We all have enjoyed decoupaging on glassware and ceramics!   Up until now, we always could, but our projects would be for decorative purposes only!  NOW we can create beautiful decoupaged glasses, candy dishes and more, use them, wash them and use them again!  And just like magic, our decoupaged elements will not be disturbed. 

Crazy you say ... not at all when using Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe Gloss formula!  Ta da, this formula works perfectly on glass, ceramics, and metal.  It dries to a very hard finish, can be used indoors or outside and what is BEST of all ... it is top shelf dishwasher safe or projects can be washed by hand!

Let's take a look at how I created a set of candy jars step by step ... 

First ... the necessary supplies ....

  • Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe Gloss
  • Mod Podge Professional Decoupage Tools
  • Glass Jars (with lids) - Mine measure 4"w  x 4.75"h  and 4"w x 3.5"h
  • Scrapbook Papers - I used papers from The Botanicals Stack by DCWV
  • Miscellaneous:  Scissors, Craft Knife, Ruler, Self-healing Cutting Mat, 3/4" Flat Brush, Rubbing Alcohol, Container for Water, Paper Towels, Waxed Paper

Let's get started ...

First, I used a straight edge razor to remove the paper price sticker on the jar bases.  Next, I thoroughly cleaned my glass jars and lids with warm soapy water, rinsed them well and allowed them to dry.

Before any crafting began, I then moistened a paper towel with rubbing alcohol and wiped over the entire glass surface.  The rubbing alcohol assures me that any remaining dirt, grease or soap residue are washed away.

The next step was to sort through all the beautiful papers in The Botanical Stack and determine which paper coordinates I wanted to use.  I had selected a floral and butterfly theme on the taller jar and lid.  I chose a fruit pattern theme for the shorter jar. 

After selecting the paper themes, I got busy cutting strips or bands of paper to wrap around the glass jar as well as several motifs to be added to the paper wraps.  Notice too that I added paper elements to the glass lids.

I then gathered the paper elements, Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe, a 3/4" flat brush, waxed paper and my Mod Podge Squeegee.

The quality of this paper is awesome as it is printed cardstock, however, I felt it might be a little too firm to mold to the circular shape of my glass jar.  If you ever come across paper that you just LOVE, but feel it might be too strong, not lightweight, or not flexible enough for a dimensional surface, do not let that stop you.  NEVER!

Here is a teaching moment, TIP:  Moisten the backside of the cardstock with water, let it set a moment and then add the Mod Podge.  By moistening the backside of the paper, you will see that the paper will be less rigid and become more flexible.  You can either lightly spray mist the paper with water or lightly brush over the backside of the paper surface with a 3/4" flat brush wet with water.

Once the jar was cleaned, the heavy cardstock had been lightly wet with water, I then applied a coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe to the paper band.  I positioned the band to the glass jar wrapping it around and if necessary, slightly overlapped the ends.

Once the paper band was in place, I positioned a sheet of waxed paper over the band and rubbed across the band with my Mod Podge squeegee.  This removed any captured air pockets as well as any excess Mod Podge.  I then allowed this to rest a moment while I prepared the paper floral embellishments.

Working one at a time, I moistened the backside with a small amount of water as instructed above.

I then added an application of Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe to the backside of the paper floral embellishment and positioned it onto the glass jar.  TIP:  If you prefer not to have the overlapping start and stop of the paper band to show on your finished project, do as I did ... I overlapped a floral paper cut-out over the seam.  Voila, it no longer shows!

I repeated the steps of layering a sheet of waxed paper over the decoupaged paper floral embellishment and then rubbed over the element with the Mod Podge squeegee.  TIP:  The waxed paper will enable you to remove air pockets and excess Mod Podge all while keeping your fingers and tools (squeegee) clean!  Don't you just LOVE this tip!  I learned this tip from a friend several years ago and always LOVE sharing it over and over!

Continue decoupaging all the surfaces, the jar bases as well as the lids.  The smaller band was simply wrapped with two different widths of paper whereas the larger jar was embellished with several floral motifs.

Once all the surfaces were covered, the next step was to allow them to set for approximately 60 minutes or so. 

Then the top coats were applied to seal and protect the paper to the glass.  It is very important to follow these instructions exactly....  

1.  Allow surface to dry approximately 1 hour prior to first top coat application.

2.  Apply a light, smooth coat of Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe evenly over surface, making sure all paper edges are covered.  TIP:  I like to use a bristle brush rather than a foam applicator as it will allow you to create a smooth finish rather than risking additional air bubbles and ridges of Mod Podge when using a foam applicator.

3.  Allow the top coat application to dry 1 - 2 hours before applying the next top coat.

4.  Continue applying top coats (approximately three - four is a good amount) making sure to allow 1 - 2 hours of dry time between applications.  Also make sure to fully encapsulate the paper edges.

Once the last top coat has been applied, your project surface will feel dry to the touch after a couple hours, however, it will not be totally cured until a 28 day wait period.  Until your project is fully cured, use for decorative purposes ONLY.

Once cured, my glass decoupaged candy jars can be immersed in water either by hand cleaning or top shelf only of the dishwasher.

My botanical decoupaged glassware has cured and dried to a hard, smooth finish.  And like all Mod Podge formulas, my clean up was super,duper easy with soap and water.

And this was so easy to do ... whether I decoupaged several paper floral embellishments on the wide paper band and jar lid ....  OR ....

I simply layered paper bands of different widths ....

Mod Podge Dishwasher-Safe came to the rescue today.  I love my completed candy jars ready for special treats!  Wouldn't these make awesome gifts for friends, family and teachers?  Perhaps you could get a jump start for the holidays!

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