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Engraver FAQ

Plaid’s Engraver is a lightweight, battery operated, hand-held engraver. This tool can be used to personalize a variety of surfaces with monograms, words, phrases, drawings or simple doodles!  The six different tips included, with this tool, all have unique purposes and make engraving, grinding, sanding and buffing a breeze.  Plaid’s Engraver allows the user to create intricate designs smoothly and effortlessly.
The art of engraving a surface can easily be achieved!  Begin by selecting a surface and decide how it should be embellished.   Next, once batteries have been inserted, turn the Engraver on.  Follow the specific instructions to insert the desired tip. Press the work button and begin creating. 

The only preparation of a surface is to make sure the surface is clean and dust-free.  Please note that a smooth, non-textured surface will work best. 

This product is packaged in a convenient storage case including the Engraver Tool, six (6) different tips, two (2) AA batteries, and a helpful instruction sheet. 
There are six (6) different tips included with the Engraver Tool.  Each tip has a purpose or can be used on specific surfaces.
  • Sanding Tip – Suitable for sanding or rounding edges.
  • Buffing Tip – Suitable for buffing surfaces.
  • Grinding Tip – Suitable for grinding and polishing.
  • Ball Engraver Tip – Suitable for metal, glass, stone or hard plastic surfaces.
  • Conical Engraver Tip – Suitable for metal, glass, stone, wood, and hard plastic surfaces.
  • Sharp Engraver Tip – Suitable for delicate surfaces or intricate areas.

It is always best to test both the surface and the Engraver on a scrap piece of the same type of surface, however, a normal amount of pressure will work best as the key to engraving is to allow the high-speed rotations do the work for you.
The Engraver is perfectly sized to comfortably fit in your hand.  It is lightweight and is designed with a comfortable handle which can easily be held like a pen or pencil.  The Engraver’s compact design makes it easy to hold through any creative session.
The Engraver is compact in design and perfectly sized to fit into your hand.  The handle allows the user to hold it like a pen or pencil with ease.
To correctly insert a tip into the Engraver, first press the Shaft Lock Button and rotate the collet nut by hand until the lock engages the shaft, preventing rotation.  Next, insert desired tip.  While holding the Shaft Lock Button, reverse rotate the collet nut into a secure position.  Once secure, push the work button to begin creating.   

After each use, it is recommended that the Engraver and tips be stored in its handy, convenient storage case. 
The Engraver operates on two (2) AA batteries, (included). 
The RPM load speed for the Engraver is 15,000 RPMs
General crafting surfaces such as:  metal, glass, ceramic, hard plastic and even wood can be engraved using the Engraver.
  • NEVER allow loose jewelry or hair get near the Engraver while creating.
  • Use light to medium pressure when engraving.  It is best to move slowly to achieve a consistent engraving mark.
  • You may find it easier to pull the tool towards you, be comfortable and turn your project surface as necessary.
  • Be sure to turn the Engraver off and remove the batteries before storing in the convenient storage case.
  • NOTE:  This product contains small pieces and is not suitable for children under 14 years of age without adult supervision.
  • While, sanding, grinding, or buffing, it is best to wear eye protection.
  • Do NOT use near water.
  • Do NOT attempt to attach any tips not included with the Engraver.

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