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How to Paint Flowers

How to Paint Flowers

If you've never painted before, it can be intimidating and a little overwhelming. Here at Plaid, we aim to eliminate the intimidation of learning a new skill with easy and fun classes, tutorials, and tips for making your painting experience top-notch. 

One of the most fun things to paint are flowers and while you might be thinking you can't paint a lifelike flower, we are here to reassure you, you can!

There are many different ways and techniques to paint flowers. And with this blog, we are going to focus on a few of the most popular ways to paint flowers from some of our experts and resident artists. From abstract to realistic, we will teach you how easy and feasible it is to paint a flower in no time. 

Because there are so many different floral painting techniques, you can find the one you are most comfortable with when starting out. 

After today's blog, you'll have an arsenal of tips and tricks on how to paint flowers that you can use to impress your friends and family. Spend an evening relaxing and painting with a variety of methods from some of our experts you'll learn from today like Donna Dewberry, Priscilla Hauser, Andy Jones, and more!

So let's dive in and learn how to paint flowers!

One-Stroke Flowers

Donna Dewberry is the original creator of the One Stroke method of decorative painting. The One Stroke painting method was developed when Donna had to fill an order for several thousand pieces of painted tin ware. She enlisted the help of family and friends, taught them to paint, and the rest is history.

Donna's true passion is teaching. She developed an education program to teach people how to paint and how to teach others. To date, there are more than 6,000 Certified One Stroke Instructors worldwide in more than 15 countries.

Join Donna Dewberry as she teaches you the magic of her One Stroke painting method! In each of Donna’s series, there are 12 full length video lessons that guide you through her step-by-step process of learning her technique. Choose from seasonal flowers, 12 months of floral wreaths, or Donna’s newest Hometown collection.

The FolkArt One Stroke method is a painting technique where two colors are double-loaded to a brush and in one easy circular motion, you can create a flower petal or leaf. 

Explore all of Donna Dewberry's FolkArt One Stroke Series' to create more beautiful flowers!

In this informative video, Donna Dewberry explains her signature One Stroke technique. Learn how to correctly load your brush with paint, how to create basic brush strokes, as well as tips and tricks for recreating some of Donna’s signature decorative florals!

In the FolkArt One Stroke Flowers of the Month series, Donna Dewberry shows you how to paint each month's birth flower using her unique One Stroke method.
Check out the full playlist below.

And in her FolkArt One Stroke Wreath of the Month series, you can use her decorative painting method to create 12 beautiful wooden wreaths with a variety of different florals. Check out the full playlist below.

Each of the FolkArt One Stroke programs is accompanied by a versatile paint kit. Shop some of the kits below!

Home Town                         Wreath of the Month                            Flowers of the Month

Classic Floral Techniques

​Priscilla Hauser can teach anyone to paint! Her well thought-out techniques and thorough instructions make it possible for you to paint like a pro in no time. She is the First Lady of Decorative Painting and founder of the Society of Decorative Painters. She has been teaching painting for 50+ years and still captures audiences with her unique painting style. She has written many painting books and taught painting classes all over the world. Many of Plaid's in-house artists have sat under Priscilla's teachings and spread her infectious spirit and joy of painting with our readers and customers. 

Watch the below video to learn how to create Priscilla's famous roses. 

Special guest, Priscilla Hauser, author and expert teacher on decorative painting techniques, teaches us how to paint her distinct style of roses. We encourage you to sit back and enjoy this delightful video, then return with your supplies to practice with Priscilla.

Shop FolkArt Acrylic Paint as well as FolkArt Blending Gel, just like Priscilla, to help you with your next floral painting!


Flower Painting with a Palette Knife

Andy Jones, Content Editor for Plaid’s online education program Let’s Paint, is a fan-favorite among the Plaid community. From his riveting weekly Lunch & Learn lessons in the Let's Paint with Plaid Facebook group to his in-depth, educational Let’s with FolkArt Lessons, Andy brings joy to all those who learn from his tutorials. For many years, Andy sat under the direction of Priscilla Hauser and gleaned an extraordinary wealth of knowledge, that he loves sharing with the world each week. Andy also teaches a monthly Masterclass where you get a more personal lesson in a smaller class setting while painting a beautiful piece of art. With his signature smile and fun teaching style, there is no denying that you will have a good time learning something new from Andy Jones.

One of Andy's favorite ways to paint flowers is with a palette knife. Check out the two videos below to see how he paints a variety of flowers with this unique & versatile tool. 

Check out Andy's Let's Paint Lessons on YouTube to learn how to paint more florals and a variety of other things like landscapes, animals, and more! Click below to watch the entire playlist. Please note: that you do not have to use FolkArt Pure Artist Pigments to complete these paintings. 

Get the kit!

If you want more practice from Andy, check out his entire library of Skill Builder videos. Watch HERE

Abstract Flower Painting

Jessie Jennings, Senior Content Creator in the Plaid Content Studio, is a multi-talented painter and crafter that brings so much joy and creativity to the Plaid content team. Each month, Jessie teaches Plaid’s Let’s Paint LIVE livestream event with thousands of viewers and a ton of fun for the beginning or advanced painter. Jessie also helps each week in Plaid’s Craft Break series on Facebook as well as help with creating trendy digital content for social media. No matter the topic, you’ll always have fun learning when Jessie Jennings is in the classroom!

Watch this Let's Paint Live, paint-and-sip style class, to paint these beautiful and vibrant florals on glass.

This class has come to be one of Plaid's most popular Let's Paint Live classes. With its unique shapes and vivid colors, Jessie walks you through how to paint Peaceful Posies with ease. 

Check out the kit that you can use to paint along with all our Let's Paint Live classes. 

Make sure to join the Let's Paint Facebook group for more FREE painting lessons each week!

As you can see we have a library full of painting lessons to help you expand your painting knowledge, particularly in the realm of florals. With spring right around the corner, we want to see your flowers. What technique do you use to paint your flowers? Have you ever taken a class with any of these artists? Share your paintings and your thoughts with us using #PlaidCrafts.

Happy Crafting!
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