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Mod Podge & Aleene

Mod Podge & Aleene's Influencer Project Challenge

Happy National Mod Podge Month! Celebrate 55 years of America's Favorite Decoupage Medium

To commemorate such a momentous occasion, we have partnered with Aleene's Tacky Glue for a fun influencer challenge. We are inspired by the legacy of our two founders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers in the craft industry. Jan Wetstone, the inventor of Mod Podge, and Aleene Jackson, the inventor of Aleene’s Tacky Glue.

Because of this unique commonality among two glue brands, we realized that each of our founders are similar and should be celebrated for being empowered women and creating such iconic products. 

In 1967, Atlanta interior designer Jan Wetstone introduced a fast and easy alternative to the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of decoupage. Her invention, Mod Podge, revolutionized decoupage, and we have never looked back! 

What is decoupage? Decoupage: a French word, meaning to cut out, is referred to as the art of cutting out paper images, adhering them to a surface, and then brushing over with multiple layers of varnish or lacquer. Fifty plus years ago, this was a tedious and messy craft, as each layer of a solvent-based varnish, needed proper ventilation and dry time. Decoupage artists would also sand between layers to keep the surface even and smooth.

Mod Podge, a water-based product, could be used as a glue, a sealer, and a varnish, making it perfect for modern day decoupage techniques. Using Mod Podge in place of solvent-based varnishes, sped up the dry times and the decoupage technique process allowing artisans the ability to create more pieces in less time. The first two Mod Podge formulas developed were Gloss and Matte. Mod Podge, itself, is short for “modern decoupage.” Plaid Enterprises purchased Mod Podge in 1979 and the rest is history! Since the initial purchase of Gloss and Matte, Plaid has developed the product line into several exciting easy-to-use formulas and a variety of applicators and tools.


Never one to settle for the norm and always believing there is a better way, creative pioneer Aleene Jackson’s determination and demand for superior quality prompted the creation of an adhesive that fueled the crafting industry and has been the glue holding it together since the 1950s.

The Original Tacky Glue creator, crafting industry trailblazer and educator began her career in the 1950s as a florist, working in a hotel flower shop before purchasing her own at the age of 20. After a few short years, Aleene grew her business into a floral supply store, where she also taught classes on flower making, floral arrangements and more. Always one step ahead with a business-savvy nature, it didn’t take Aleene long to make a name for herself in the floral industry, between weekly television appearances showcasing how to make floral crafts, stories in publications and classes at her shop that attracted people from all over.

Through this common bond, we have asked each of our influencers to create some really interesting upcycled DIYs. We asked influencers to create projects using both Mod Podge and Aleene's products. 

Let's dive into the fun of crafting with Mod Podge and Aleene's! Be inspired by the creativity of what our influencers have created. 


Bianca Octavia

Check out her website:

I am Bianca, your Millennial Martha Stewart.

I teach women on a budget how to DIY, craft and create beautiful homes. I totally understand what it’s like to want it all , but to also be on budget. Being able to inspire people to craft a lifestyle that is within reach is at the core of everything I do.

​Growing up, I spent countless hours watching the women in my family cook, craft, sew, build, entertain and decorate. Eventually I developed an interest for those same hobbies and found myself working on different creative projects almost everyday out of the week. After gaining attention for my ability to be resourceful, yet stylish, I began teaching crafting workshops and taking on clients for party styling.

Bio credit:



Cathie Filian

Check out her website:

Hello!  I’m Cathie Filian! - Mess Maker, Mom, Designer, Inventor and Author

I can usually be spotted with glitter on my face, baubles around my neck, Mod Podge on my hands and kid-stuff on my jeans. I’m inspired by vintage fabrics, big-eyed art, good food, antique shops and my family. I studied Textile Science and Design at The Ohio State University and spent the early part of my career in the Fashion Industry. I spent 10 years working behind the scenes as a stylist on Hollywood films before I moved to the other side of the camera. I worked on films such as Rushmore, Twister, Heartbreakers, Bottle Rocket, and Vanilla Sky during my 10 years as a stylist. I was the Co-Producer, Co-Host and Co-Designer on HGTV’s, Creative Juice and DIY Network’s, Halloween Witch Crafts, both Emmy Nominated shows. I also produced on TLC’s Craft Wars. I have authored 5 craft/diy books and contributed to more than a dozen craft books. My books are available at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. I have been featured on NBC, ABC, TLC, Discovery Channel, HGTV, DIY, Food Network, Huffington Post, Rachael Ray, IVillage Live, MSN, Home and Family, Real Simple, Bust, Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook, Womens World and Life Magazine.

Bio credit:



Modern Maven

Check out Tara's website:

Aloha! I’m Tara!

Modern Maven is a Creative Studio where photography, styling, craftiness and inspiration all come together…encouraging you to indulge in your creative self. I’m Tara … portrait and lifestyle photographer, designer & stylist, lover of color and making things with my hands, teacher, wife and mother located in beautiful Jupiter, Florida. 

Bio credit:


The Pretty Life Girls

Check out their website:

Make a pretty life with these sisters, authors, and TV contributors, Sam Spendlove and Liz Welker.

Liz is a mother of two who lives in Utah after a stint in NYC and New Orleans. She has a Master's Degree in Technical Communication and has embraced the fact that she is a Diet Coke addict with a perpetually messy craft room.

Sam lives in Utah and is a mother of two with a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. She is a planner addict with a weakness for succulents and peanut butter.

Bio credit:



Oh Yay Studio

Check out Emily's website:

YAY! I’m Emily and my goal in life is to encourage joy in everyone that I meet. I have 2 kiddos, 2 pugs and an awesomely bearded husband.

Oh yay studio has evolved from my wedding photography business into an online shop and blog. It began from one simple hand lettered cake topper that I created one afternoon while my son was napping and has now turned into an extension of my love for people by spreading joy + celebrating all the things. I believe to the core of who I am that smiling REALLY can change the world!

Bio credit:

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