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How to Use Lily & Val Stencils

STEP ONE: Place your stencil where you intend to create your first character. Using a pencil, mark through the registration holes above and below each character to create guide marks. Measure the length of your character plus the space you want between characters and use that to mark your second set of registration dots. Repeating until you have created marks for each of your letters, as you will use these as you layer and space your alphabet stencil sheets.

STEP TWO: Secure your stencil to your project surface and begin to stencil through one of your alphabet stencil sheets. It does not matter with which sheet you begin. You can cover the registration holes with a small piece of tape to avoid painting through them. Make sure your stenciled design is dry before placing your next letter.

STEP THREE: Once you have completed your first alphabet layer, line up the second alphabet stencil sheet using the registration holes above and below each character. You can also use the gray printed registration marks on the stencil to properly line up your characters. Stencil through the open areas of your alphabet stencil sheet one character at a time until you have completed the second layer of your word or phrase.

Preview the finished letter by lining up alphabet stencil sheets on top of each other.

Learn more about using Lily & Val stencils by downloading a PDF of the packaging materials for the four stencil packs, available below.

How to Use Lily & Val Stencils

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