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Mod Podge Decoupage Glue Finishes and Formulas

Mod Podge Resin FAQ

Once Mod Podge Resin has been completely cured, it can be decorated or embellished with paint, markers, ink, and more. Once decorated, it is recommended that the surface be protected by pouring a thin top coat of clear Mod Podge Resin over the decorated surface.
Yes, Mod Podge Resin can be applied to a surface in layers. The second layer can be applied once the first layer has set. This could be one to two hours, depending upon the humidity level and temperature in the room.
Mod Podge Resin works best with all types of molds. Some molds like a silicone mold will not require a mold release agent, while other types of molds made of plastic polypropylene or polyethylene sheet plastic will require a mold release agent
Place both parts into a warm water bath of 80°F, but be aware that the working time will be less than 20-30 minutes.
To mix Mod Podge Resin, begin by measuring out equal amounts of Resin and Hardener – (measure by volume not weight). Use a separate measuring cup for each part. Once equal amounts of both parts are measured, pour them into a mixing cup. Gently stir the two parts together for 3 minutes. When you start to stir, cloudy swirls will appear. While mixing, make sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the mixing cup to fully incorporate the two parts. Continue to mix until the cloudy swirls no longer appear and the mixture is clear. NOTE: it is best to only mix the amount that will be needed for each project, one project at a time.
Mod Podge Resin has a working time of 20 - 30 minutes. During this time, you can mix in additives such as alcohol inks or glitters.
A Mod Podge Resign project will begin drying within the first 24 hours. However, a Mod Podge Resin project will be fully cured after 7 days.
When working with Mod Podge Resin, it is best to work in a room that is well ventilated with fresh air and work in temperate 70°F.  Make sure your work table is level and is covered with wax paper or a large plastic sheet. This will make it easier to wipe away resin and hardener spills. Note: Mixed resin spills, once cured, will peel off the wax or plastic covered work surface easily. Gather all the necessary supplies such as: paper towels, plastic measuring cups, plastic mixing cups, plastic or wooden mixing stick, disposable brush, toothpicks, and a pastry torch. And always were your personal protective equipment.
You can pour up to one quarter inch (1/4”) thick for each layer.
It is best when pouring Mod Podge Resin, to do so slowly and gently. This will keep bubbles from forming. After pouring Mod Podge Resin, it is best to let the project sit for five minutes to allow any bubbles to rise to the surface. And some bubbles will form, however, they can be removed. To remove bubbles from Mod Podge Resin, blow across the surface through a straw. This will remove bubbles that have worked their way to the top. You can also use a small pastry torch or heat gun to remove bubbles.
Yes, cured Mod Podge Resin is waterproof.
When working with Mod Podge Resin, it is recommended to wear personal protective equipment, such as disposable nitrile gloves, protective clothing, a respirator, and safety goggles. You can even use a cream barrier on your skin in addition to wearing gloves. It is advisable to wear protective clothing as spilt resin can soak through clothing which will not be able to be removed. It also is recommended that you wear a respirator for fumes, such as a NIOSH approved respirator; be sure the mask fits properly. You should also wear a pair of safety goggles and work in a well-ventilated area with fresh air while creating with Mod Podge Resin. A Mod Podge Resin Safety Data Sheet can be found on It is best to clean up spills immediately while wet.
Mod Podge Resin is FDA certified food safe when properly mixed following the instructions provided with the product.
Mod Podge Resin is heat resistant up to 110° F. If exposed to higher temperatures, a Mod Podge Resign project may yellow. Note: Mod Podge Resin is NOT recommended for decorative hot plates.
Mod Podge Resin is self-leveling. It is very important to make sure your working surface is level.
Although Mod Podge Resin may appear similar to what is found in the marketplace, it has a superior lightfastness quality and dries to a hard, clear gloss finish that the leading products do not have. Mod Podge Resin is also FDA certified food safe, has low VOCs, and is made in the USA.
The best colorants for Mod Podge Resin are Mod Podge Alcohol Inks, glitters, mica flakes, mica powders, and more. It is best to use products that are not water-based. However, if you do use a water-based colorant, use it sparingly and make sure to mix thoroughly with the resin. If not, spots and streaks will appear.
Once Mod Podge Hardener has yellowed, it does not need to be discarded. It can be used with projects that incorporate the use of Mod Podge Alcohol Inks or glitters, etc. where clarity is not an issue. However, if the project needs to dry clear, it is best to use fresh Mod Podge Resin.
Mod Podge Resin should not freeze as the product is not water-based and should be used in temperatures of 70°F. If either the Mod Podge Resin or Hardener bottles are cold to the touch, it is best to place the bottle in a warm water bath for several minutes to bring the product back to room temperature. NOTE: Be careful not to get any water inside the bottles.
Before pouring resin on canvas, tape the back-side edges with painter’s tape. Pour the resin allowing it to flow over the edge of your canvas. Coat edges well. Let dry. Once cured, remove the painter’s tape along with all the drips.
Wipe down all surfaces while the Mod Podge Resin mixture is still wet. Use paper towels to clean up measuring cups, mixing cups, and any mixing tool which can be saved and reused on other Mod Podge Resin projects.
The best way to incorporate Mod Podge Alcohol Inks into a mixed Mod Podge Resin is to add 1 drop of Alcohol Ink, at a time, and stir after each drop has been added to ensure the colors are completely mixed with the resin. Additional drops can be added as needed to achieve the desired color intensity. When adding glitter to Mod Podge Resin, it is best to pour off a small amount of mixed resin, add the glitter, and then stir completely before pouring.
There is very minimal shrinkage with Mod Podge Resin.
Yes, the hardener part of the Mod Podge Resin will yellow over time. The product has a shelf life of one year unopened and 6 months lifespan opened. Remember to always close the lid on the hardener right after each use and store in a dark area. Exposure to air and sunlight will make the hardener yellow faster. Do the same with the Resin part as it also has the same life span of the hardener but it will not yellow over time in the bottle.

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