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Can I paint my vinyl floors?
We only suggest painting a vinyl floor for 'decorative purposes only.' In fact, ideally, we recommend that you paint a piece of vinyl and then place it on the floor to allow for the proper time and procedures to cure the paint. We suggest using Plaid’s FolkArt® Outdoor paint. You will have the best success painting only a section of floor in an area that does not receive a lot of traffic.
  1. First you need to clean the floor. Remove all wax or dirt buildup with a wax stripper. Use a bristle cleaning brush to get into tight crevices that most floor designs have. Thoroughly rinse all cleaning chemicals from the surface of the floor. Let floor dry completely.
  2. Sand the floor surface with #100 sandpaper. This will "etch" the hard surface and allow the paint to bond with the floor material. Be sure to sand into any lien areas that are recessed. If you don't, the paint will not adhere properly and could peel away. If you skip any of the above steps, the paint will not adhere properly.
  3. Before sealing, your painted floor will need to cure for about 2-3 weeks. Do not walk on the painted area. Do not wash it. There should be no contact with the painted surface. If drying time is rushed the paint will not dry as hard as it can and will not be durable.
  4. After 2 – 3 weeks, you will need to seal the floor with approximately 3 – 5 thin coats of VARATHANE. When applying the VARATHANE, let the first thin coat dry for 24 hours before applying the next.
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