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How do you use Picture This®?
Picture This works best with photocopies. Make a photocopy of your image on a DRY TONER copier. Wait 24 hours after making your copy so that the image can cure.
  1. If working on a t-shirt, pre-wash. Cover a shirt board of cardboard with plastic wrap such as Handi-Wrap by Dow to prevent gluing the transfer to the board or t-shirt. Make sure that the Handi-Wrap is pulled tight. Avoid using wax paper, paper or aluminum foil. Place t-shirt on board so that it is smooth. It does not have to be to taut.
  2. Pre-wash fabric project. Sizing in the fabric may interfere with transferring. Do not use Fabric Softeners.
  3. Cut away any part of the picture that you do not want to transfer. Place the design face down on shirt in the position you want to transfer. To prevent oozing, frame the area around the picture with masking tape. If medium does ooze it will go on to the tape.
  4. Place the copy face up on a piece of wax paper to keep from getting the medium on your working surface. With a sponge brush apply about 1/16" thickness of Picture This. It is possible to get TOO thick, be careful. Be sure to overlap the edges with the medium so they will seal. Then turn picture face down in the area that you have masked off.
  5. Place a paper towel on top the design which is now face down. With the bottle on its side LIGHTLY roll from the center outward and over the edges. Use only your finger tips to roll bottle. Do not roll hard. If any oozes, it should go on to the tape. If you did not do the tape because of the shape, immediately scoop up excess medium with a damp sponge or rag. DO NOT SMEAR! As it will not come off fabric when dry. However, if you do get a little on the edge you can embellish around the edge when painting. If you have taped off the edges take your finger gently rub around the edge of the picture to seal edges. Now remove the tape carefully.
  6. Let dry for at least 24 or more hours. 48 is best as the humidity will effect drying and especially if medium has been applied thickly.
  7. Using a cellulose sponge lightly soaked in water, wet just your picture design. Let soaked for about 1 minutes. You will start to see the image of the picture. Squeeze out all the water in your sponge. It should be slightly damp sponge. Starting in the center of your picture, start gently rolling the paper off working in circular motion. Continue to rub until all the paper is removed. Let dry for an hour. If it becomes milky, fuzzy or cloudy it means that all the paper is not off. It may take several rubbings to get all the paper off. This time only use a damp sponge. DO NOT re-wet picture. You must let it dry between rubbings. Repeat until all the paper is off.
  8. Once you have all the paper off you can seal your picture with the "CLEAR" formula of Picture This. This will help to prevent the transfer from washing off. If you want the picture to have a glossy look use the Clear formula straight from the bottle. If you would like to have a matte finish, mix a one to one mixture of water and Picture This together. You will only need to put a thin coat to seal. Let dry for 24 hours.
  9. Now you are ready to embellish. You can use brush on paints or embellish with dimensional fabric paint. If heat setting is required for your soft brush on paints do not touch the area of Picture This.
  10. Do not launder for 72 hours or longer. This will give the project time to cure properly. To wash we suggest to wash inside out in cool water with a MILD SOAP, i.e., Ivory Snow, Dreft or some other soap that is gentle. DO NOT USE WOOLITE! Line dry. Do not iron the surface of the transfer.
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