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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about your favorite Plaid products? Search our frequently asked question library for answers on how to use our craft paints, decoupage products, stitchery kits, and more.

Where can I learn more about FolkArt Glass Etching Cream?

You can learn more about this product by reading the FolkArt Glass Etching Cream FAQ document.

What finish does FolkArt Stencil Spray have when dry?

FolkArt Stencil Spray dries to a water-resistant satin finish.

Is FolkArt Stencil Spray intended for outdoor surfaces?

No. Although FolkArt Stencil Spray dries to a water-resistant finish, it is intended for indoor use only. To use this product on an outdoor surface, you should seal or topcoat the completed project with an outdoor varnish.

How long does it take FolkArt Stencil Spray to dry?

FolkArt Stencil Spray will be dry to the touch relatively quickly; however, dry times will vary based on the project surface, the humidity of the work area, and the thickness of application. Once dry, it will not re-wet itself and is permanent.

How long does FolkArt Stencil Spray take to cure?

FolkArt Stencil Spray will take approximately 24 hours before it is cured to the surface.

Where can I learn more about FolkArt Stencil Spray?

You can learn more about this product by reading the FolkArt Stencil Spray FAQ document.

On what types of surfaces can I use FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint?

Many surfaces can be decorated with FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint, such as wood, papier mache, paper, glass, canvas, and fabric. On sealed surfaces such as glassware, ceramics, tin, metal, and plastic, FolkArt Watercolor should be used for decorative purposes only.

What makes FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint different from other craft paints?

FolkArt Watercolor is formulated as a gel-based acrylic paint that can easily be spread or brushed out very smoothly when used as a concentrate. It can also be diluted with water to create soft painted wet effects with varying layers of color.

Does FolkArt Color Watercolor Acrylic Paint hold up well on outdoor surfaces?

Yes, FolkArt Watercolor can be used on interior surfaces as well as on outdoor surfaces.

Can I use water to thin FolkArt Watercolor Acrylic Paint?

Yes, water can be used to dilute FolkArt Watercolor to achieve a variety of wash effects.
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