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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about your favorite Plaid products? Search our frequently asked question library for answers on how to use our craft paints, decoupage products, stitchery kits, and more.

What is Delta Ceramcoat paint and how does it dry?

Delta Ceramcoat paint is an acrylic based paint system that has a flat finish and dries within minutes of application.

On what surfaces can I use Delta Ceramcoat paint? Do I need to prepare the surface?

Canvas: Use gesso-primed canvases or apply gesso to unprimed canvases. Wood: Sand and seal before painting. Tin or Metal: Wash to remove dirt and wipe with alcohol to remove oil. Paper Maché: No preparation needed. Glass or Ceramics: Delta Ceramcoat paint is not recommen...

How do I clean Delta Ceramcoat paint out of my brushes and off of surface areas?

Delta Ceramcoat can be cleaned up using soap and warm water. It is better to clean up Delta Ceramcoat paints while they are wet, but dried paint can be cleaned up easily as well.

Can I use Delta Ceramcoat paint on plaster?

Yes, you can use Delta Ceramcoat paint on plaster. However, because plaster is very porous and sometimes dusty, you should to first seal the piece with a clear acrylic matte spray sealer.

How resistant to fading are Delta Ceramcoat colors?

Paints are rated on a light-fastness scale that runs from 1 to 5: Excellent Very good Good Fair Poor All of the Delta Ceramcoat colors are rated Excellent or Very Good (1 or 2). These paints are made from some of the purest pigments available, which results in their ...

My acrylic paint has clumps and strings in it! What should I do?

Strings and clumps occur when the top layer of paint starts to dry. Air gets trapped in the top part of the bottle and forms a skin. When you go to use it, it gets mixed back into the other liquid and causes clogs. Sometimes you might be able to remove the clumps if they hav...

Do Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic paints contain natural latex?

No, Delta Ceramcoat does not use any natural rubber latex in any of its current paint products; however, some of Plaid’s paint products do use synthentic acrylic latex materials. Any individual who has experienced a reaction to natural rubber latex should consult with his or h...

How do I cure glass or ceramics painted with Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint?

There are two types of curing methods that can be used with Delta Ceramcoat Select Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint: baking and air drying. NOTE: Please use the bake method for items you intend to wash in the top rack of your dishwasher.  Bake Method : Allow painted item...

What is Sobo glue?

Sobo glue is an all-purpose thick, white craft glue that can be used on both porous and semi-porous surfaces.

What craft surfaces would Sobo glue work best with?

SOBO glue is best used when working with wood, paper, ceramics, ribbons, dried or silk flowers, beads, flat back gems, chenille, leather and feathers.
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