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Gallery Glass Lampshades
Gallery Glass lampshades have been discontinued and we no longer have any in stock. However, Factory Direct Craft Supply still has them in stock. You can contact them at 1-800-252-5223 or
What are the benefits of using the Gallery Glass Protective Sealer?
The sealer will make Gallery Glass projects resistant to dust and fingertip marks. Plus, sealed projects will be protected from condensation in moist or high humidity areas such as bathrooms.
How can I create a lighter shade of Gallery Glass® Window Color™?
To lighten a color, mix with Crystal Clear or Snow White.
Are Gallery Glass products okay for kids to use?
Gallery Glass Window Color is a non-toxic, water-based product line perfect for children’s art projects such as preformed sun catchers, or magnet photo frames with adult supervision. The AP Seal on all Gallery Glass products indicates they are non-toxic and safe.
Do you need to use a sealer over Gallery Glass® Window Color™ or Liquid Leading™?
Gallery Glass Protective Sealer is recommended for all projects, especially window clings and designs in high humidity areas. The sealer will resist dust and fingerprint impressions as well as protect against condensation in moist areas.
Can Gallery Glass® Window Color™ be used outdoors?
Gallery Glass ® is NOT RECOMMENDED for:
  • Outdoor use
  • Surfaces in environments that are not temperature controlled (storm doors, automobiles, motor homes)
  • Surfaces that are in frequent contact with water or heavy condensation, such as shower doors.
Don't apply Window Color to surfaces when temperatures are lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Extremes in temperature during application and curing process can cause cracking and distortion. May fade in sunlight.
How can I create a textured effect with Gallery Glass®?
There are all kinds of products you can add to your Gallery Glass to give it a textured effect.
  • Achieve authentic crackled glass effects with Crackle Medium™.
  • Add the unique look of real etched glass to any project with Window Etch™ and create unique patterns.
  • Create a twinkling textured effect with crystal beads.
  • Create textured glass looks with Crystal Clear window color.
Can I use the Gallery Glass Protective Sealer with Window Etch?
No. Gallery Glass Protective Sealer will create a smooth surface over the etch, changing both the look and the feel. Your project will completely lose the etching effect.
How can I create a lighter shade of Gallery Glass® Window Color™?
To lighten a color, mix with Crystal Clear or Snow White.
Are there any tips for applying Gallery Glass® Window Color™ to my window?
  • Start at the top left corner of the window and apply color to one section at a time.
  • Run a thin line of paint across the top of the section, wiggling the tip back and forth as you move to the right.
  • Be sure to cover the corners and apply paint thickly enough to prevent light from showing through.
  • For a more textured or cathedral glass look, use a figure 8 motion.
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