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4 Ways to Cut Out Designs for Decoupage Projects

How to Cut Out Clean Designs for Decoupage Projects

  1. Scissors: Use small sharp scissors or a craft knife to trim papers, such as embroidery or cuticle scissors. A craft knife is handy to cut details from the inside of a design.
  2. Cutting: Using a cutting mat to protect your work surface, cut out the inside of a print before cutting around the outside. Then trim off excess around the design. It is not necessary to follow every detail of a design.

How to Create Rustic Looks for Decoupage Projects

  1. Tearing: To achieve an irregular, textured edge, tear the paper by pulling toward you in an upward motion.
  2. Burning: To achieve an antique or rustic look, use a match or candle flame to light the edge of your paper. Just as the print begins to burn, carefully blow out the flame on the paper. Continue burning a small areas at a time until the entire edge has been burned. Remove excess charred paper by scraping the edge of the paper with the side of the scissors, leaving a brown edge.

4 Ways to Cut Out Designs for Decoupage Projects

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