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FolkArt One Stroke

Benefits of Becoming a One Stroke Certified Instructor

  • The method of painting called FolkArt One Stroke is a quick and easy way to learn to paint, as well as easy to share with others.
  • Teaching One Stroke painting allows an instructor to earn additional money to enhance the family budget.
  • Sharing the love of learning with others is beneficial to the heart, mind, and soul.
  • Creative, hand-painted gifts are affordable and appreciated when given to family, friends, and loved ones.
  • Teaching FolkArt One Stroke fulfills emotional and spiritual intelligence, while building self-confidence.
  • Learning One Stroke painting supports brain activities and enhances our sense of concentration.
  • Instructor’s leadership skills are improved while teaching others how to paint.
  • An Instructor’s self-esteem grows while sharing the love of a hobby with others.
  • Communication skills are improved while instructing others how to paint.
  • Painting is one of the best forms of therapy as it improves our mental outlook on life, temporarily heals what aches, and stimulates a positive well-being.
  • Lifetime friendships can develop from teaching others FolkArt One Stroke painting.
  • Teaching how to One Stroke paint will improve the instructor’s knowledge on the subject, painting methods, and sense of color, all while basic painting techniques are improved.
  • Learning to appreciate art is essential to today’s culture.
  • FolkArt One Stroke is FUN!
For information on becoming a One Stroke Certified Instructor, please visit

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Benefits of Becoming a One Stroke Certified Instructor