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FolkArt One Stroke

The History of FolkArt One Stroke

Donna Dewberry originally developed and perfected what has now come to be known as the FolkArt One Stroke method over many years of demonstrating and selling her paintings at craft shows. In 1995, Donna joined forces with Plaid and shortly thereafter, her painting technique of double loading a paintbrush to blend, shade and highlight all in one stroke of the brush became known as One Stroke. The FolkArt One Stroke program with Plaid began with just a few paintbrushes, instructional books and some basic painting tools that still today Donna considers the “magic” of painting success.

Over this time, Donna Dewberry has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, spreading the message that “everyone can learn to paint quickly, easily and beautifully using the One Stroke painting method.” Donna is able to remove the intimidation factor out of learning to paint. With each stroke painted, she teaches how to build lush, colorful flowers. With practice, painters of any skill level can accomplish beautifully hand-painted projects and enjoy the satisfaction of exploring their own creativity.

Education has always been the focus of Donna’s life, and to date, she has taught thousands of people the FolkArt One Stroke method of painting. Many painters have also become certified to teach this method by becoming One Stroke Certified Instructors. OSCIs are in locations across the globe including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Turkey, Italy and more. Today, the excitement continues with new educational opportunities of classes and workshops, both in-person and online.

Today, FolkArt One Stroke is the industry’s leading learn-to-paint program. This innovative teaching program allows people who never thought that they could learn to paint, the ability and confidence to pick up a paintbrush, learn to paint, and enjoy the success of being creative!

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The History of FolkArt One Stroke