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Rachel Faucett

Rachel Faucett

Rachel Faucett is the author-designer behind the popular blog, Handmade Charlotte--a well-loved daily design + DIY crafts site that is focused on children and their families.

Handmade Charlotte has over 600,000 visitors a month and 587,000 Pinterest fans. She’s been named one the top 20 most influential Pinterest users by Business Insider and ranked in top 50 design blogs by Babble and Disney. Handmade Charlotte writes for Martha Stewart, HGTV, Disney Baby Babble, Babble Voices, Dot¬coms for Moms, Coats and Clark and just about every design and craft blog on the internet, including every Wednesday on Paint Me Plaid.

Handmade Charlotte loves her audience and they love her!


SPECIALTY: Stencils & Stenciling, Home Decor