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Owl Pumpkin Ivy Bowl

A cute but spooky owl for Halloween.

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At a Glance:

#4157 Skill Level: Beginner Time:
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This project features these great brands:


FolkArt ® Enamels™ - Pure Orange, 2 oz. - 4008

Number Needed: 1 $2.99
Item not for sale on Plaid Online.

FolkArt ® Enamels™ - Burnt Umber, 2 oz. - 4012

Number Needed: 1 $2.99
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FolkArt ® Enamels™ - School Bus Yellow, 2 oz. - 4016

Number Needed: 1 $2.99
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FolkArt ® Enamels™ - Licorice, 2 oz. - 4032

Number Needed: 1 $2.99
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Other Supplies

  • Item #4101 FolkArt ® Enamels Adhesive Stencils - Fruit
  • Glass ivy bowl
  • #2 Script paintbrushes
  • ½" Angle paintbrush
  • Transfer paper
  • Black and white ribbon


1.   Beginning at the neck of the ivy bowl (under where the bow will be tied), paint the entire ivy bowl with Pure Orange using the angle brush.  When dry, apply a second coat and let dry thoroughly.

2.   Paint the inside of the unpainted fluted top with 2 coats of Pure Orange. Let dry.

3.   Squeeze a small amount of Burnt Umber onto wax paper and thin with 2-3 drops of water. Using the liner brush, paint medium width vertical stripes, beginning at every other flute.   

4.   Using the angle brush, dry brush highlights and shadows over the entire ivy bowl alternating School Bus Yellow, Pure Orange, and Burnt Umber.

5.   Paint the base and the edge of the flute with Licorice using the angle brush.

6.   Center pattern between two painted stripes on bowl. Insert transfer paper and trace design. Remove pattern and transfer paper.

7.   Use Licorice and the angle brush to paint the design. Let dry approximately 1 hour and repeat.

8.   Use the #2 script and School Bus Yellow to paint owl's eyes.

9.   Use the handle end of a brush to paint dots on the Burnt Umber stripes, alternating Licorice and Wicker White.

10.             When dry, tie the ribbon in a bow around the neck of the ivy bowl.

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