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Dirty Pour with Pouring Medium

The Dirty Pour Technique combines all of your colors into a cup at the same time. Then the colors are poured together to your surface to create an elegant marbled effect. A flip cup pour, demonstrated below, is also a form of dirty pour.

Step 1: Choose your color palette.

Step 2: Mix your paint and pouring medium using a 1:1 ratio. 

Step 3: Layer one color into a cup

Step 4: Layer a second color into a cup. Add 1-4 colors to a cup, continuing to layer each color until the cup is full.

Step 5: Place your cup up-side down onto your surface (or you can just pour it on).

Step 6: Lift the cup from the surface.

Step 7: Tilt and turn your surface to allow the paint to flow.

Complete! Let dry for 24 hours.

Dirty Pour with Pouring Medium