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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more about your favorite Plaid products? Search our frequently asked question library for answers on how to use our craft paints, decoupage products, stitchery kits, and more.

How do I care for and store my Bucilla project?

To keep clean between seasons, wrap in white tissue paper and put in a cotton pillow case or cotton sheeting. If item gets soiled, spot clean with a mild diluted dishwashing liquid. Lightly blot the area and lay flat to dry.

Where can I find a DMC conversion chart for my Bucilla stitchery kit?

You can download our Bucilla to DMC conversion chart as a PDF to make sure you're using the appropriate floss for your kit.

How can I keep my blending filaments from fraying when I embroider a satin stitch?

Drag the filament through beeswax before stitching, and then launder as instructed to remove the wax from the piece.

How do I find the middle of my fabric?

Fold your fabric in half horizontally, and then in half vertically. The point where your folds meet is the middle.

How do I read my Color & Symbol Guide for my Bucilla project?

The 1st column is for the type of stitch. The 2nd column is the symbol for the individual colors. The 3rd column is the number of strands to be used in stitching the design. The 4th column is the color name. (Please be advised that the color name is specific to your kit. ...

How long will each kit take to complete?

Depending on your skill level, kits can be completed in as little as one day to one week.

What skill level is required for completing each kit?

The kits range from beginner to intermediate.

Is everything that is needed to complete the project included in the kit?

Yes, all kits include fabric, needle, floss, instruction sheet, and any accessories (such as plastic frame or hoop) that are required for finishing the kit.

Is the instruction and chart easy to follow?

Yes. Package instructions include step-by-step stitching diagrams and finishing instructions for each kit.

What is counted cross-stitch?

Counted cross-stitch is a needlecraft usually done on an evenweave fabric like Aida cloth or linen. To create the design, you follow a chart by creating a cross-stitch (x) of floss that corresponds to the appropriate color symbol on the design chart. Most cross-stitch is 14...
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