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Basic Stenciling Tips

Practice your technique and/or check your color by first making a sample print on paper or scrap fabric.

  1. Peel to remove stencil from clear backer sheet. Save clear backer sheet to store stencil. 
  2. Place stencil on the surface and press in place
  3. Pour a small amount of paint onto a palette. Load paint sparingly on a stencil brush, foam pouncer, or dauber then dab off excess.
  4. Lightly dab on a thin layer of paint; apply a second coat if necessary.
  5. Paint all areas of one color on the stencil before moving on to the next color.
  6. Continue painting areas of the stencil.
  7. While paint is still wet, carefully peel off stencil.

Basic Stenciling Tips

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