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How to Weatherproof Your Arts and Crafts

How to Weatherproof Your Arts and Crafts

Crafting Outside Projects 

With summer right around the corner, that means spending more time outside in the fresh open air. It also means you'll be spending more time in your outdoor spaces like decks, patios, porches, gardens, and more. So why not make the most of our time outside this summer by sprucing up your outdoor experience. Add some color and fun to your summer vacation!

If you love to craft, then you have probably experienced painting or creating something for outside only to have it deteriorate or chip. All that hard work to waste! 
Do you know that Plaid has a variety of products that can help to keep your projects looking great even when it is outside? 
Don't sacrifice your creativity by putting a hand paint pot or a yard sign in your back yard without sealing it or using a durable paint. 

In today's blog, we want to introduce you to some of our favorite indoor/outdoor products to keep your projects protected from weather as well as share some tips for crafting projects for the outdoors. Get the entire family involved in making your backyard fun. Grab some terra cotta pots, some river rocks, and even garden signs and spend your summer crafting together!

What have you created to make your outdoor space more cozy and enjoyable?

Products for Outdoor Creations

Here are some of the products that we use to seal and protect our outdoor projects from the elements. 

These Mod Podge Acrylic Sealers are perfect for adding a protective layer to your creations. With a variety of fun finishes, you can ensure that all your arts and crafts stand up to the test of time. This quick-drying formula will not run, drip, or yellow. Protect everything from paint to wood!


Mod Podge also has cream formulas that can help give your projects a protective layer. Make sure to check out our NEW Mod Podge Water Resistant!

FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint has a creamy, smooth consistency with excellent coverage. Use this multi-surface paint on a variety of surfaces such as wood, terra cotta, canvas, glass, fabric, ceramics and more. This formula is great for indoor and outdoor projects as well as top-shelf dishwasher safe when cured. 


FolkArt offers a variety of specialty formulas that are also great for indoor and outdoor projects. Like FolkArt Outdoor and FolkArt Glossy to name a few. Check out ALL of FolkArt's sub-brands. 


Apple Barrel also has a variety of paint formulas that will work in the outside elements.

How to Weatherproof Your Crafts

If you want to paint something outdoors with acrylic paint, make sure to do these things to keep your projects looking like the day you painted them.

- Always use an outdoor paint or multi-surface paint.
- With multi-surface paint, make sure to shake well and let dry 1 hour between coats
To cure your piece:
  1. Then place in a cool oven and heat to 350 degrees F
  2. Bake for 30 minutes 
  3. Once the bake time is up, turn off the heat and allow the oven to cool to room temperature
  4. ​After cured, your pieces will be top-rack dishwasher safe
-  ​With outdoor paint always use weather-resistant and UV stable colors like FolkArt Outdoor. FolkArt Outdoor is perfect for painting flowerpots, birdhouses, mailboxes, patio décor and so much more. Each color in this acrylic paint line dries to a gloss finish and is self-sealing meaning no primer, sealer, or varnishes are ever needed to protect your outdoor creations.   

- To seal your outdoor pieces with a layer of protection to extend the longevity of the project.
  • Use aerosol sprays to protect your piece from the elements
    • Ensure all your arts and crafts stand the test of time with a layer of your favorite sealer. The unique Mod Podge aerosol sprays are a quick-drying formula that will not run, drip, or yellow. Protect everything from paint to wood to stain with this easy-to-use decoupage spray. Equip your craft closet with this iconic brand of clear acrylic sealer for a sleek finish every time. Seal your acrylic paint projects, your home decor pieces, and your decoupage paper creations with this versatile sealant. 
  • Use a variety of Mod Podge formulas to seal your creations and add a layer of durability to your pieces.
    • Mod Podge Outdoor - Mod Podge Outdoor dries clear, leaving a smooth, gloss finish. Preserve the beauty of your outdoor decoupage projects and more with this all-in-one glue, sealer, and finish. This formula is intended for use in sheltered outdoor environments and is not waterproof. 
    • Mod Podge Water Resistant - This is a high-performance, easy-to-use formula that adds a protective layer to guard against water for a beautiful and functional finish to your DIY projects. This handy decoupage glue dries to a beautiful clear, hard, glossy finish and is durable with high adhesion and a self-sealing formula

Outdoor Project Inspiration

Need inspiration for your next outdoor project? Check out these fun and easy to make crafts and DIYs!

Create your own outdoor bar with these techniques.

Any gardener will know you have to have labels for your plants, check out these ideas.



Add some color to your versatile outdoor pieces!

Create an elegant outdoor space by upcycling basic items with your personal touch.

This summer, create fun by crafting classic outdoor games!

Hosting a summer BBQ or block party? Check out these unique, fun ways to upcycle your serving pieces.

Add a bright and glowing touch to your backyard space with these vibrant projects.

Need something to keep the kids occupied this summer? Make lawn games or paint things to go in your garden!

Give your potted plants a funny touch with these punny pots.


What will you create for your outdoor space?

Don't limit yourself to crafting within the four walls of your home, take your creations outdoors! With all of these tips, tricks, and products you can make your outdoor space fun and colorful. What are you crafting for your deck, patio, or porch? How are you personalizing your spaces? As you craft this summer, share your outdoor projects with us using #PlaidCrafts!

Happy Crafting!  
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