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Plaid Creators: Craft Challenge!

Plaid Creators: Craft Challenge!

Sometimes crafting can take days, weeks or even years! Deciding on colors, surfaces and coming up with new ideas - all fun ways to get lost in the process. BUT - what if you only had 60 minutes to craft, from concept to creation? When our Plaid Creators joined us at Plaid HQ last month, to learn about our new products, we surprised them with the ultimate craft challenge!

The nine Creators were split into teams of three, and each got a table, tea towel, chair and wooden crate to create a vignette in an hour! 

Everyone enthusiastically dove into the challenge with paintbrushes flying! 
063017_CreatorsEvent_104.jpgEach team then presented their vingette to our VIP judges - some of our most creative people here at Plaid! 
The first group presented this sea inspired coastal chic theme that has us yearning for sand between our toes. Especially clever? They whipped up a little pillow from the dishtowels and stuffed it with yarn! 

Featured products: Fabric Creations | FolkArt Pickling Wash | FolkArt Coastal

POL_CreatorsEvent_bty_vignettes3_071017.jpgNext stop, the tropics! Stenciled accents make this vignette stand out and inspires us to ‘viva la vida!’ The organic tones and metallic accents give it a festive feel. 

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POL_CreatorsEvent_bty_vignettes1_070717.jpgLastly, give three cheers for the red, white and blue in this fun Americana theme - complete with hand lettered lovelies. 

Featured products: Fabric Creations | FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint | FolkArt Barnwood | Bucilla RyaTie Tool​

POL_CreatorsEvent_bty_vignettes2_071017.jpgWe were amazed at what the teams were able to do in one short hour! Which one is your favorite and what do you think our judges chose? (Hint: The winners celebrated the red, white and blue in style!)
Stop by and visit our amazing Plaid Creators for tons of inspiration! 

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Posted: 8/3/2017 1:37:20 AM by Deanna Jue | with 2 comments

Tricia A.
Fabulous contest! I think they all look very pretty! Thank you very much for sharing!
8/29/2017 10:35:43 PM

Deborah Larson
Love the Plaid Craft Challenge! It is amazing to see the creative side that comes out in one, when given one hour to create! Job well done girls! I look forward to another challenge! Hmmm....I wonder what will it be
8/15/2017 4:39:20 PM

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