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March's FolkArt Color Trends

While spring may still be a few weeks away, you can prepare for the spring season now by crafting with pops of color and florals. Around this time of year floral designs tend to pop up everywhere with anticipation of the spring season. Look around and you'll see that floral designs are ushering in the new season with pops of vibrant colors. Grow your imagination in the last few weeks of winter and prepare your home with some handpainted decor pieces. 

For the month of March Plaid's FolkArt Color Trends are gearing up for spring with a floral-inspired palette. We have created a stunning palette using the FolkArt acrylic colors Green Forest, Medium Blue, Sugar Plum, Fire Coral, Baby Pink, Treasure Gold-Gold, and Treasure Gold-Green Gold. These colors are bright and fresh - perfect for a spring painting session. 

Here are the supplies you will need: Now that you have everything you need to plant the seeds of creativity, settle in for a spring-inspired collection of projects. With these fresh ideas for the new season, your home will have new life just like your flower garden.

Here is our collection of projects. As you can see the colors listed above are carried throughout all the projects for a cohesive, contemporary look. 

Click on the tag in the bottom left hand corner of each photo to shop the look.
Use your favorite floral stencil to create a fresh design on your serving tray. Then accent it with FolkArt Treasure Gold! Anyone would be proud to serve drinks on a tray this beautiful. 
Stenciled Tray
  1. Paint interior bottom of tray using Green Forest.
  2. Paint edge of tray using Gold.
  3. Arrange the Floral Spray stencil.
  4. Stencil the floral and greenery using Sugar Plum and Green Gold accordingly.
  5. Roughly brush on accents starting with Fire Coral and finishing with Baby Pink.

Stencil your darkest shade, Sugar Plum, first as a base.

Next, add detail with your mid-shade, Fire Coral, to begin layering your design for added depth. 

Finally, add highlight details with your lightest shade, Baby Pink, to really make your floral pop!

Gather your plain planters and add some color!
Sugar Plum Dipped Wooden Pot
  • 2226 Sugar Plum
  • 1” Flatbrush
  • Masking Tape
  1. Mask off the area to be dipped and paint using Sugar Plum.
  2. Be sure to remove tape before last coat of paint dries to prevent unintentional removal of paint.
Fire Coral Planter 
  • 6452 Fire Coral
  • 1” Flat brush
  1. Paint the entire vase using Fire Coral and a 1” flat brush.

Decorative vases are super easy to find at any thrift store. Pick up a uniquely shaped vase and add some colorful flair. 
Medium Blue Dipped Vase
  • 2556 Medium Blue
  • 633 Baby Pink
  • 1” Flatbrush
  • Masking Tape
  1. Paint the entire vase using Baby Pink.
  2. Mask off the area to be dipped and paint using Medium Blue.
  3. Be sure to remove tape before last coat of paint dries to prevent unintentional removal of paint.

Panel art is so popular right now and this floral is so easy to make! Download the pattern HERE to make your own floral wall art. Then follow the steps below for a beautiful spring time decor piece.

  • Two 10” x 20” artist canvases
  • FolkArt Acrylics:
    • 2556 Medium Blue
    • 2226 Sugar Plum
    • 6452 Fire Coral
    • K660 Pure Gold
    • 924 Thicket
    • 901 Wicker White
    • 434 Berry Wine
  • FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic
    • 6315 Pearl Peridot
    • 2940 Baby Pink
  • Brushes
    • 1” Flat Brush (from set 50559E)
    • 12 Round Brush (from set 30775)
    • 1 ½” Base Coat Brush (from set 50557)
  1. Prepare the canvas by base coating with Medium Blue using the 1 ½“ Base Coat Brush. Let dry. If needed, apply a second coat for even, opaque coverage. Let dry.
  2. Trace the design onto tracing paper using a fine black marker.  Tape the design onto the canvas. Next, transfer the design to the canvas by slipping a piece of white artist transfer paper under the design and go over the design lines with a ball point pen or stylus.
  3. Using the 1” Flat Brush, undercoat the design elements as described:
  4. The large rose: A mixture of equal parts Sugar Plum and Berry Wine
  5. Smaller Roses: Sugar Plum
  6. Leaves: Thicket
  7. If any color is not opaque, let dry and apply a second coat of that color. Let dry.
  8. Once again, tape the traced design to the canvas and line up the tracing with your undercoat. Slip a piece of White artist transfer paper between the canvas and the tracing. Transfer the leaf veins and the rose petals to the canvas.
  9. Using the #12 Round brush, paint the petals on the large rose with Fire Coral. Highlight the petals using the same brush and Baby Pink.
  10. Paint the petals on the remaining roses using the #12 Round Brush and Baby Pink. Highlight the petals with Wicker White.
  11. The leaves are highlighted using the #12 Round brush and Pearl Peridot. Add additional highlights of Pure Gold.

Fill your March with beautiful, floral-inspired colors when you use March's FolkArt Color Trends. What will you paint using these colors? Share your photos with us using #PlaidCrafts to be featured on social media!

Happy Crafting!
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