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Meet the Plaid Creators: Erin Spain of

Meet the Plaid Creators: Erin Spain of

It's time again for another exclusive interview with one of our new Plaid Creators. This Friday we explore the world of Erin Spain, a lifestyle blogger that discovered a love and talent for crafting that she didn't know she had! Because of her own journey into the craft world, Erin encourages her readers to try new things--you never know what you could be great at until you try. Learn more about Erin in her interview below and be sure to head on over to Instagram for Erin's Instagram Takeover at @PlaidCrafts!

Q: When did you first start getting into DIY and crafting?
A: I first got into DIY and crafting soon after I had my first two children. We were on a tight budget, and I loved decorating but I had to create things myself without spending a lot of money if I wanted to make our home look and feel the way I wanted it to. Being a stay at home mom, I also desperately needed a creative outlet.

Q: Who inspired you to start crafting? 
A: I can't point to just one person, but I will say the discovery of Pinterest several years ago definitely inspired me. I found blogs and saw that these women were creating and building and making amazing things, and I thought "Hey, I can do that too!".

Q: What was the most memorable craft/project you ever created? 
A: That's a tough question! They are all memorable for different reasons. I think one of my favorites is our clipboard gallery wall in our playroom because my kids helped create it, and it's always special when they are included in the creative process. They were so proud of the end result!

Q: Did you do arts and crafts as a child? If yes, who did you do them with? 
A: Nope. Never! (Other than in art class at school.) I always considered myself to be the least "crafty" person on the planet, but when I started blogging, I challenged myself to learn new skills. I am a "learn as you go" kind of girl, and I'm passionate about showing my readers that if I can do these things, so can they! I never realized how much I would enjoy arts and crafts until I became a blogger and gave it a try.

Q: Why is crafting worthwhile, to you?
A: It's very therapeutic, and it's also rewarding to know that you've created something special and unique.

Q: What is your favorite aspect of crafting and creating?
A: I love the "before" and "after" process. It's a lot of fun to transform something or give something a new life, and then look back at what it looked like before. I also enjoy building things from scratch and inspiring others to create too. I guess I have a lot of favorite aspects!

Q: Where do you find your inspiration? 
A: All over the place. It really varies from project to project. Sometimes I'm inspired by something I see in a store, or in a magazine, or even while traveling. It really just depends, but there is inspiration everywhere.

Q: Any advice to those just starting to get into crafting? 
A: Don't be afraid to try new things! It's ok if you mess up, you can always try again. Just enjoy the process.

Q: What are 3 craft supplies/tools that you can't live without? 
A: Glue gun, Miter Saw, Craft paint

Q: What's something you have yet to create, that you dream of creating/crafting some day?
A: This is a bigger project, but I've been hoping/planning to build a new dining room table for a very long time. I'm hoping to knock that project out this summer!

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