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Cathie and Steve Furniture Flip - Nautical Picnic Dining Table Set

Cathie and Steve Furniture Flip - Nautical Picnic Dining Table Set

Cathy and Steve are flipping another furniture piece. This time they Create a nautical outdoor dining set with FolkArt Paints and Stencils. Using the new FolkArt Coastal and Outdoor Paints.
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Nautical Dining Set – by Cathie and Steve
Skill Level - Beginner
Time to complete -  2 hours or more
Plaid Supplies
  • FolkArt Costal – 6501 Sea Salt,
  • FolkArt Costal – 6517 Poseidon,
  • FolkArt Outdoor – 6245 Red Hot,
  • FolkArt Stencils – 31559E Sea Life
Other Supplies:
  • Picnic Table and Chairs
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Paint brush (wide)
  • Sandpaper
  • Wipe cloth
  • Stencil Paintbrushes
  • Low-tac Tape

1. Clean and wipe down all the furniture pieces.
2. Paint the top of the picnic table with Sea Salt Costal. Add peaks to the paint by tapping your paintbrush on the surface. Allow to dry. Top-coat with a layer of Poseidon Costal. Add peaks by doing the tapping motion with the paintbrush. Paint the legs of the table. Allow to dry.
3. Sand the top of the table to reveal the Sea Salt paint and create texture.
4. Paint the chairs with 2-3 coats of Outdoor Red Hot. Allow for 2 hours of dry time time in between coats. NOTE: Some furniture might need to be sanded or primed before painting.
5. Tape the large graphic stencils to the seat of the chairs. Load your stencil brush with Sea Salt paint. Tap off any excess paint. Your paintbrush should be almost dry. Holding your brush over the stencil, paint the design. Lift the stencil while the paint is still wet.
6. Use the pattern stencils to create the painted placemats. Tape them in a position so they appear like a placemat. Paint with Sea Salt in the same fashion as step 5.
7. Allow all the furniture to cure according to the bottle directions.
PROJECT TIP:  Use only one color of paint and skip the sanding of the table if you want to create a more polished look.
Posted: 6/13/2017 1:24:48 PM by Deanna Jue | with 2 comments

Jayne Bremer
Where did you find the large stencils?
6/21/2017 9:52:40 PM

Okay, I love everything coastal and I love the table and chairs...Awesome!!
6/15/2017 3:26:22 PM

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