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Creator Spotlight - Rita Barakat

Creator Spotlight - Rita Barakat


Rita Barakat makes ideas come to life on her blog and live streams. She got started by challenging herself to draw faces. At first, she couldn't do it but was determined to learn. It is now one of the signature elements of her work. Watch her on Facebook every Monday for Mixed Media Monday with Rita Barakat at 8pm CST for fun projects, tips, tutorials and trying new artsy products live!​

What is the name of your blog?

Why did you choose that name? 
It's my name ;)  When I started blogging, I actually had a different name (Let's Embellish), but it didn't encompass everything that I did, so I switched it to my name.

What inspired you start blogging/video?
I started blogging as an extension of my art, a way to share my art with others that weren't local. 
How do you describe your style? 
My style is whimsical, colorful, vibrant.

What has been your biggest blogging/video achievement? 
There are several milestones that are huge achievements but the first was an email from a big manufacturer when I was starting out that I almost deleted because I thought it was fake!

What is your favorite color? 
mmm that’s hard, purple and teal, is glitter a color? LOL

What is your catchphrase? 
Where creativity comes to life. 

What is your favorite downtime activity? 
What's downtime? 
  • Beach or mountains?  beach
  • Mod Podge Gloss or Matte? gloss
  • Movie Theater or Streaming?  streaming
  • Cats or Dogs? dogs
  • Cake or Pie? cake 
  • Decoupage or Stitching? decoupage
  • Pancake or Waffle? waffle
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