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Meet the Plaid Creators: Amy Bell of Positively Splendid

Meet the Plaid Creators: Amy Bell of Positively Splendid

This week go behind the scenes in this exclusive interview with Amy Bell of Positively Splendid. The daughter of two art creatives, Amy has been making and crafting since an early age. Her passion is to make crafting projects seem accessible to everyone--you don't need an innate talent for crafting to make incredible things!
Q: When did you first start getting into DIY and crafting? 
A: For as long as I can remember, creating has been an integral part of my life. My dad was an accomplished oil painter, and my mom is an outstanding seamstress, so growing up in a home brimming with paintbrushes and sewing notions lead very naturally to pursuing creative endeavors of my own.
Q: Who inspired you to start crafting?
A: I would have to say my family was my greatest source of inspiration. I really can’t attribute my immense love for creativity to just one person in particular, since my family is absolutely brimming with creative talent: metal artists, poets, quilters, painters, musicians, and more. There truly isn’t a memory of my childhood that isn’t nuanced by these creative genes!
Q: What was the most memorable craft/project you ever created?
A: When my youngest child was born, I DIY’ed a custom nursery for him, making everything from the bedding, drapes and wall art, and also refinishing an antique dresser for the space. I poured genuine love into every element in that space, and it is still my favorite DIY project of all time.
Q: Did you do arts and crafts as a child? If yes, who did you do them with? 
A: One of my most vivid memories as a small child is of sitting in my grandmother’s lap and watching her piece together a quilt. I can remember so well the sense of awe I had that she could take such so many seemingly unrelated pieces and turn them into a work of art with her own two hands! My grandmother passed away in 1995, but I still to this day have that very quilt and consider it one of my most precious possessions.
Q: Why is crafting worthwhile, to you? 
A: Creating things with your own two hands gives you the remarkable opportunity to cultivate a lasting, meaningful legacy. A painting. A quilt. A card. A garment. A meal. It all matters. My dad, who passed away earlier this year, is no longer with us, but through his beautiful paintings, I will always have a part of him here with me in my home. What a gift!
Q: What is your favorite aspect of crafting and creating?
A:  Nothing gives me more pleasure in creating than to make something for someone I love and watch their face light up when they see what I have made for them. 
Q: Where do you find your inspiration? 
A: Magazines and catalogs are some of my favorite go-to sources to stay current on the latest design trends, but I also love to pull out my mom’s old crafting books for project ideas that harken back to years past. When it comes to creating, it really is fun to watch old trends become new again.
Q:  Any advice to those just starting to get into crafting? 
A: Don’t stress over mistakes. The beauty of handmade projects is the unique, individual feel that truly gives each project a life of its very own, so embrace the uniqueness of your work and be proud. That is what finding your own distinctive style is all about!
Q: What are 3 craft supplies/tools that you can't live without? 
A: My sewing machine, my hot glue gun, and my lint roller—it is so useful for cleaning up everything from stray threads to glitter!
Q: What's something you have yet to create, that you dream of creating/crafting some day? 
A: I have a goal in mind very soon to do room makeovers for my kids. I am hoping during the summer to send them to their grandparents’ houses and surprise them with new spaces when they come back home.
Check out Amy's complete video interview below!
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