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Meet the Plaid Creators: Kathy Owen of Petticoat Junktion

Meet the Plaid Creators: Kathy Owen of Petticoat Junktion

This week we are featuring our Plaid Creator Kathy Owen of Petticoat Junktion! Kathy has been crafting for years, but it was not until she began sharing photos of her painted furniture-flips that people began begging for a blog! In May 2011, "Petticoat Junktion" was born. Learn more about Kathy in the exclusive interview below!
Q: When did you first start getting into DIY and crafting?
A: I think I’ve always been into some form of DIY.  I remember decorating chambray shirts and denim jeans with cross stitch designs in the 70’s. Gave away my age there! While pregnant with my son, I made curtains, a nursery mobile and even my maternity outfits. 
Q: Who inspired you to start crafting?
A: I’m not sure. My grandmother made beautiful quilts and I remember watching her patch the pieces together when I was small.
Q: What was the most memorable craft/project you ever created?
A: A vintage dresser I bought at the Nashville Flea Market. The dresser had a ton of missing veneer and was painted a dull brown. I dry-brushed off white paint over it and replaced the pulls with turquoise wood knobs. I loved how it turned out but not everyone else did. It was a very controversial furniture makeover.
Q: Did you do arts and crafts as a child? If yes, who did you do them with?
A: I remember making crafts at Vacation Bible School with my friends. Who didn’t make macaroni art??
Q: Why is crafting worthwhile, to you?
A: It gives me a chance to experiment. Trying new techniques, or making up my own,  is my idea of fun.
Q: What is your favorite aspect of crafting and creating?
A: When the project is complete and it brings a smile to my face.
Q: Where do you find your inspiration?
A: Magazines, home décor stores, nature, fabrics, paintings, just about everywhere.
Q: Any advice to those just starting to get into crafting?
A: Just jump in. There are instructions and tutorials everywhere. The most important advice is to make it your own, meaning put your own spin on the project.
Q: What are 3 craft supplies/tools that you can't live without?  
A: A Paint brush, sandpaper, and a drill
Q: What's something you have yet to create, that you dream of creating/crafting some day?
A: Well, this is definitely a big dream.....I want to decorate a she shed from top to bottom. I would create most of the décor myself using recycled items.
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