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Advent Fireplace

By: Amy Anderson

This Advent fireplace will warm your home and heart for the holidays.

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At a Glance:

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This project features these great brands:

  • Apple Barrel Logo
  • Fashion Fabric Logo

Apple Barrel ® Colors - Bright Red, 2 oz. - 20501

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Apple Barrel ® Colors - Yellow, 2 oz. - 20502

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Apple Barrel ® Colors - White, 2 oz. - 20503

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Apple Barrel ® Colors - Caterpillar, 2 oz. - 21342

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Other Supplies

Fashion ® Dimensional Fabric Paint  - Metallic - Pure Gold - 25251, Fashion ® Dimensional Fabric Paint  - Shiny - Bright Red - 25308, 3/16 x 10 x 11-7/8 STYROFOAM™ sheet, 3 3/4 inch STYROFOAM™ balls, Styro Cutter, Black permanent marker, 3 toothpicks, 14-inch wired miniature holly garland, 3 floral U-pins, Wire cutters or needle-nosed pliers, 5 miniature Christmas presents, 12 inches of 1/8 inch double-faced satin ribbon, Ruler, Scissors, Fabric round scrubber brush, No. 10/0 liner brush, No. 4 flat shader brush, Palette Paper, Brush basin, Paper towels, 18 inches of 5/8 inch wide ribbon, 6 straight pins with red beads, Foam glue, 24 Dum-Dum suckers


Note: Use fabric round scrubber brush to apply paint to Styrofoam in large areas.

  1. From Styrofoam sheet, cut the following sizes using the Styro Cutter to do the cutting: 7 in x 11-7/8 in for brick fireplace front 3-1/4 in x 11-7/8 in for hearth 1 x 11-7/8 in for mantel
  2. Cut out pattern and equally space on fireplace front (refer to photo for placement). Using Styro Cutter, cut out 3 stockings (keep stockings for a future project).
  3. Paint mantel and hearth White and paint brick Bright Red. Let dry.
  4. Using width of ruler, draw lines with White using liner brush for bricks.
  5. Paint a Black area 3- x 4-inches for fire opening. Let dry.
  6. Using No. 4 flat shader, add a White border around fire opening. Using liner brush, add a Black angle line in upper top corners.
  7. Mix Black and White together to achieve Grey. Using liner brush, add grey lines 1/2-inch from each edge and an angle line going to each top corner. This will give some depth to the inside of the fireplace.
  8. Paint fire Yellow. While wet, blend in Pumpkin Orange, Bright Red, and White.
  9. Paint inside edges of stocking cuff White and remainder of inside stocking edge Caterpillar.
  10. CHRISTMAS BALLS: Paint Styrofoam balls Caterpillar. Let dry.
  11. Add a Christmas Green band around center. Let dry.
  12. Using dimensional paint, add a Bright Red line on each side of Christmas Green band. Let dry.
  13. Randomly add Pure Gold Metallic dots around band. Let dry. 
  14.  Paint toothpicks Bright Red. Let dry. 
  15.  Push toothpicks into top of each ball. 8. Tie a bow onto toothpick so it touches top of ball.
  16. Apply some glue to end of toothpick and insert into top of stocking opening.
  17. ASSEMBLY: Glue mantel to top of brick wall. Let dry.
  18. Glue bottom of brick wall to hearth. Let dry.
  19. Pin ribbon to hearth edge. 13. Glue packages to top of mantel.
  20. Cut U-pins to 3/4-inch in length. Using these, attach garland to front and sides of mantel.
  21. Press suckers into hearth.

Get the Pattern

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