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Cathie and Steve Winter Wonderland Projects

Cathie and Steve want you to go “Walking in A Winter Wonderland” with their newest craft creations. They have a whole series of projects based on the “Winter Wonderland” Theme.  To achieve these crafts they used Mod Podge Matte, Mod Podge Sparkle,  Mod Colors, Mod Melts, Mod Molds and Collage Clay. 

Winter Wonderland Christmas Trees with Faux Snow - Add a little fake snow to your holiday crafts with Collage Clay.

Winter Wonderland Yarn and Book Page Wreath - Scrap yarns and old book pages are transformed into a wreath with Sheer Color Mod Podge.

Winter Wonder Land Snow Banner - Create a snow themed banner with recycled book pages and Sheer Color Mod Podge.  Add snow with Collage Clay.

Winter Wonderland Candle Holder with Fake Snow - Create a paper trees with recycled book pages and Sheer Color Mod Podge. Add snow with Collage Clay.

Everlasting Gingerbread House with Collage Clay - Use Collage Clay to create an everlasting gingerbread house.

Find instructions on each of these projects on Also see videos of other Winter Wonderland Projects on the Plaid YouTube Channel. 

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