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Upcycled Kid

Upcycled Kid's Valentine's Day Card Box Ideas

As January comes to a close, we've got sweet sentiments, candy and of course L-O-V-E on our minds at Plaid! Our designers have imagined up four fun ideas to make your little one's desk the coolest one around. Put a hold on the recycling bin, and save a cereal box, oatmeal container or paper plate to inexpensively craft these ideas. Check out our four fun ideas with complete tutorials to make Valentine's Day Card Boxes this weekend! 

Sweet notes can't wait to live in this yellow submarine! Transform an oatmeal container into this Submarine Card Box

"Whoo" will be mine? This little Owl's heart and soul? A simple cereal box! 

This huggable Panda Card Box is sure to gobble up some sweet treats! 

This Cereal Box Valentine Holder is super easy to make - get your little one involved for a fun-filled afternoon of craft. 
Want more sweet Valentine's Day ideas? Check out Plaid Online for more ideas, and shop the Plaid Store for all your crafty needs. 

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