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Doggone Fun Pet DIY Projects!

Doggone Fun Pet DIY Projects!

We're having a 'ruff' week - in a good way! At Plaid, we have an annual Pet Day where furry friends are invited to come to the office, and the big day is tomorrow! To celebrate, we're sharing some Plaid perfect pet DIYs made with Mod Podge, starting with this Personalized Pet Bed. It's super easy to add Fido's name to an existing bed using Fabric Mod Podge. You can also easily create a coordinating Custom Pet Collar

Next, these Pet Treat Canisters are easy to customize with FolkArt. Protect the decoupaged and stenciled designs with Dishwasher Safe Mod Podge

Any doggie's favorite time of the day? Dinner! Bring on the fine dining with our Fancy Pet Bowls

Check our social media tomorrow for updates on a doggone good time during Plaid's Pet Day! 
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