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Pretty Organized: Three Fun Craft Room DIYs!

Pretty Organized: Three Fun Craft Room DIYs!

Is one of your resolutions to get organized this year? We've got three ways using Mod Podge from Cathie & Steve to help you get your craft room into shipshape! Not only will they help you find all your favorite bits and baubles, they'll add flair to your craft room decor. Scroll down to watch the video for the tutorials on all three projects, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more! 

We love the use of an acrylic spice rack to organize glitter in this first project. This makes it easier to add an inspired dash of glitter to anything!  

Pick a paper to match your decor to create hat-boxes-turned-storage! We'd love a stack of these in different sizes to store everything from silk flowers to fabric. 

A quick trip to the thrift store (or your own pantry!) is all you'll need for this jewelry organizer. Cathie & Steve show us how to paint it with FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint

Watch as Cathie & Steve share how easy all these projects are... we'll see you in the craft room! 

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