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End of the Year Wrap Up - The Best of 2020!

End of the Year Wrap Up - The Best of 2020!

This year may have crazy, but 2020 is a year that Plaid will not forget. This year we produced hundreds of how-to videos, taught a plethora of classes, and educated millions. We are excited for the new year to start but before we move forward, let's take a look back at  some of the most viewed and favorited videos that YOU loved watching this year.

The best of the FolkArt One Stroke Wreath of the Month series. The Wreath of the Month for April had the most views with the month of June and September not far behind. Throughout this program, Donna Dewberry taught you her One Stroke method of decorative painting and painting tulips seemed to be your favorite!

The best of the Let's Paint Color Lessons series. The Moody Blues lesson was your favorite in 2020! While this is still a fairly new program these videos inspired you. We have a new Color Lessons dropping each month in 2021, so stay tuned!

The best of Let's Paint Live. We thoroughly enjoy interacting with you on Facebook during these FREE livestream classes, which are like a paint-and-sip class but from the comfort of your own home. This year these were some of your favorite Let's Paint Lives! Click on each photo below to watch on Facebook.

The best of Lunch & Learn with Andy Jones. Our Let's Paint with Plaid Facebook Group grew immensely this year! And with it came some fun and educational classes from Andy Jones and many others. Here are some of our favorites. What was your favorite Lunch & Learn class? Click on each photo below to watch on Facebook.

The best of Make it with Mod Podge. We love spending our Thursday's with Cathie & Steve and this year they really hit Mod Podge projects out of the park. You guys LOVED the window clings and tinted glass episode so much along with these other fun episodes. Click on each photo below to watch on Facebook.


The best of our Facebook Craft Breaks. This year we started our Craft Break series with little snippets of crafting knowledge twice a week and by far your favorite Craft Break was how to make a buffalo check sign that we did in the fall. We've gathered a few of your other favorites from this year. Click on each photo below to watch on Facebook.


Here are some of your favorite posts from social media this year!
You absolutely LOVED our cat house design on Facebook.

You also loved the finished painting of our Let's Paint Live - Peaceful Posies. How many of you painted this with us?

On Youtube, your favorite video was our Mod Podge Puzzle Saver video!

*All the selections in this blog were based on the most viewed or interacted-with videos and posts.

Did your favorites make our list? What is your favorite Plaid program or class? 

See you in 2021! Check out what we have in store HERE.

Happy Crafting!
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