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15 Awesome Painted Rock Projects

15 Awesome Painted Rock Projects

Have you started to paint rocks yet? It’s one of the biggest trends in crafting happening now. No matter your skill level, beginner or an expert crafter, you can create amazing rocks to share. We have some awesome rock projects to inspire you to create your own one of a kind rocks. Grab some rocks, paint and have fun! 

The Kindness Rock Project is an organization to spread the word about inspirational rocks. The goals are :



If you make rocks tag them with hashtags #plaidcrafts & #MAKEkindnessrocks

River Rock Fairy House
Painted River Rock Fairy Houses - turn ordinary rocks into a fairy garden

Mod Podge Decorative Rock Project
Mod Podge  Decorative Rocks - mix paint and Mod Podge to create these one of a kind rocks

Beachy Painted Rocks
Beachy Rocks - Love the beach? Create rocks to remind you of your last beach trip

Painted Rock Herb Garden Markers
Painted Rock Herb Garden Markers - Use rocks in the garden to mark your herbs

Painted Rock Paper Weights
Painted Rock Paper Weights - Create paper weights out of some of your favorite quotes

Breast Cancer Awareness DIY Kindness Rocks
Breast Cancer Awareness DIY Kindness Rocks - Show your support of breast cancer with these kindness rocks

DIY Painted Flip Rocks
DIY Painted Flip Rocks - Give yourself or a friend  words of encouragement

Feel-Good Painted Rocks
Feel-Good Painted Rocks - Create these for yourself or for others  

Tic Tac Toe Rock Bugs
Tic Tac Toe Rock Bugs - Play a fun game of Tic Tac Toe with the Lady Bugs vs. the Bees made from painted rocks.

Rock Turtle Pond
Rock Turtle Pond - Turn several rocks into the Turtle Pond -

Painted Monogram Rocks
Cheap Eats Thrifty Crafts Metallic Monogrammed rock - Looking to make some fancier rocks? Cheap East, Thrifty Crafts made monogram rocks using FolkArt Color Shift and Brushed metal paints.

Word Rock Project
Word Rock Project - The Word Rock Project uses positive messages to encourage others in the world. They create rocks then leave them around their town to inspire others.

How to Mod Podge Rocks
How to Mod Podge Rocks - If painting isn’t your thing, you can always Mod Podge rocks. Just remember if you are going to keep them outside, use the Mod Podge Outdoor Formula.

FolkArt 3D Rocks
3D Rocks - Create 3D rocks to add some intricate design details, personalizing a craft project, or creating dimensional nail head effects to your rocks. 

Painted Rocks Monster Buddies
Painted Rocks Monster Buddies - Want to create some rocks for kids? Create your own set of Monster Buddies rocks using pom poms and paint!

I Love You Rocks
I Love You Rocks - Get inspired by these "I Love You Rocks" made with FolkArt 3D and Color Shift paints.

Tips for Painted Rock Projects

We have some awesome rock painting tips from our craft experts here at Plaid:

  • Multi-surface paint, like FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint, is the ideal kind of paint to use with rocks.
  • Try embellishing your rock with glitter or sequins used along with Mod Podge for extra texture!
  • Use FolkArt 3D Paint to easily add dimensional dots or outline certain designs
  • To seal and finish your rock, use Mod Podge to protect it from the elements - we recommend Mod Podge Outdoor!
And one more bonus - Donna Dewberry, inventor of the FolkArt One Stroke method, visited us recently and created these gorgeous rocks to debut her exclusive new One Stroke Beginner Kit! We love the pretty florals! 


Share your rocks with us on social media! Use hashtag #plaidcrafts & #MAKEkindnessrocks

Posted: 8/11/2017 8:21:21 AM by Tim Goleman | with 4 comments

Barbara Cody
You can order nice rocks to paint from Walmart or Amazon
9/5/2017 12:09:32 AM

WOW! YOU ROCK with fabulous ideas! Thank you! I'm a breast cancer survivor so was especially moved by those & now I know where I shall begin my first attempt! Bless you!
8/17/2017 11:07:09 AM

These rocks are so pretty ,I like all color's & pattern's thank's
8/15/2017 6:19:53 PM

Great fun ideas!
8/14/2017 4:00:58 PM

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